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Winter appears to finally be behind us and the days are starting to get longer. So as our thoughts turn to summer, what will be the popular fashion trends for men this year?

It looks like it will certainly be a colourful and blue summer according to most fashion designers. Cerulean shades of blue appeared in collections by Roberto Cavalli, Trussardi and Jil Sander as part of bright knitwear and in individual tailored pieces. A second major trend appears to be the ethnic look but a more subtle version. Virtually all designers have included some ethnic touches in their collections. Burberry used wooden beads as decorations on t shirts and jumpers and batik style patterns on trousers and jackets. Armani has also used geometric prints on shirts, jumpers and even footwear. Etro went for a more full on look combining embroidery, patterns and paisley trousers to give the look of a modern dandy. The use of motifs such as dolphins, sea horses, anchors and tennis rackets best demonstrates the collections inspiration from the French Riviera of the past.

Summer will also see a change in styles for mens clothing. Wider trousers will be making a very big comeback. Emporio Armani, Salvatore Ferragamo and Calvin Klein have incorporated wider trousers into suits, safari separates and even track pants. This season’s baggy trousers are still most likely to be teamed with the short blazers which have retained their popularity from last year. This summer may provide more options though as longer jackets could also be a fashion trend this year. Dolce and Gabanna are one of the designers who have shown longer jackets in relaxed fabrics for a softer summer jacket.

It’s always uncertain as to how much the sun will shine every summer, but according to designer the clothing will certainly shine this year. Light reflecting materials such as silk have been used by Gucci, Prada and Canali to add a little glitz and glamour to their summer evening looks.

Shoes appear to be one of the few areas that are not going to change this summer. Classic shoes remain a top trend but fringed loafers may suit some of the softer styles.

If you are not ready to fully embrace some of the new trends then consider updating your look with some new accessories instead. A cerulean blue scarf would pick up one of the biggest trends. Or maybe consider a pair of funky sunglasses and every man certainly needs a watch, the more expensive the better. If you are feeling adventurous then why not consider a man’s purse. This is predicted to be a trend for this summer but may only be for the true fashionista.

So whatever your choice of style this summer, there should be a look to suit you. From tailored softer suits reminiscent of Miami Vice through bright prints or motifs to soft silky suits for sultry summer nights. The diversity of styles available means that there’s a trend to suit every man this summer.

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