Jute Bags vs Plastic Bags: Advantages and Disadvantages


Utsav KraftThe world is getting lesser in positions of clean air that we are thought or supposed to breathe in. Nature is getting sicker and sicker because of all the tremendous mishandling that we do. How can we start over again? I have got a idea on how we can start caring for Mother Nature again; Jute bags is the best materials for handling the environment and surrounding from getting dirty. Difference between Jute bags and Plastic Bags:Jute is a natural fiber, which is inexpensive and easily found in the market, Jute bags are made out of jute, which is very string and very durable. It is soft in touch and has smooth surface. Restricting our self from using plastics bags by using Jute bags, it would be a small effort from your part towards making your planet as a mother land from dumping ground. Plastics are non- biodegrable products, which almost takes 400 years to get deposit and decompose. It plays a vital role in polluting the environment and also poses threats to animal inhabitance. Plastics are the easy means of material and bags and also used by every retailer and consumer, because there are cheap, light-weighted, strong and durable, also are a hygienic means of carrying food and goods. But Plastic can be used once and then use for throwing waste materials. Every year there can found littering of plastics bags in waterways, parks, beaches, gardens which spoils the environment and containment the water resources. A sense says that, in a year billons of tons of petroleum are used for production of plastics worldwide, which can be future used for us as generating of petroleum energy sources, are not renewable and are depleting at very fast step. On the other hand jute needs less space to cultivate and less farming space and water, thus it is very eco-friendly option and can surely sustained for future. The Life of jute bag is much longer than that of Plastic Bags. Not only sustainable but, it is also durable, strong, and also comes in attractive designs and maintain the beauty for longer time. While other poly bags and plastics bags are for short time and it can start losing its glow very soon. Short term life means, more production and more production can cause destruction of natural resources and environment. Disposing of Jute bags is easy compared to plastics bags and poly bags. Jute can be disposed within one or two weeks, but plastics take thousands of years to disintegrate completely.Thus Jute and Jute Products are the best option in saving environment. Thus Jute bag has multiple purposes such as: Carrying books, folders, lunch, mails, etc. It can also be helpful as serving bags. About:Pradeep M is the Writer of this article. He is the passionate writer, writes on varied types of Indian Handicrafts, Paintings, Earthenware, Wooden Home dcor and many more.

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