An Informative Guide On Vaginal Tightening

An Informative Guide on Vaginal Tightening

There has been a notable increase in the interest of women in enhancing their reproductive health and sexual wellbeing over the recent years. One topic that has gained traction in women’s health is vaginal tightening. This article aims to provide comprehensive information on the subject, discussing what it entails, the reasons women choose to undergo it, and the methods available.

Understanding Vaginal Tightening

Vaginal tightening, also known as vaginoplasty, is a procedure aimed at tightening the vagina. This happens primarily by strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, which hold the uterus, bladder, small intestine, and rectum in place. When these muscles become weak, women may experience various discomforts, including a decrease in sexual pleasure.

Naturally, the vagina tends to lose its elasticity and strength due to factors such as childbirth, aging, and certain medical conditions. Vaginal tightening, whether through surgery or non-surgical methods, is designed to address these issues and help women reclaim their confidence and enhance their sexual experiences.

The Reasons for Vaginal Tightening

The reasons women opt for vaginal tightening are diverse and personal. Some choose this procedure for medical reasons such as vaginal laxity, which could lead to incontinence and other uncomfortable experiences. Others aim to enhance their sexual satisfaction. There’s also a group of women who choose vaginal revision surgery after penile enhancement of their partner.

Revision surgery after penile enhancement often creates a mismatch between a couple. This procedure help in ensuring compatibility, and in turn, improve their sexual relationship.

Vaginal Tightening Methods

There are several methods of vaginal tightening that women can choose from. The method chosen often depends on the woman’s preference, the underlying reason for the procedure, and the doctor’s advice. The methods include:

Surgical Vaginoplasty

This is a surgical method of vaginal tightening that involves removing excess vaginal lining and tightening the soft tissues and muscles around it. It’s a relatively safe procedure when performed by an experienced gynecologist. However, as with any surgery, vaginoplasty has its risks, including infection, bleeding, and pain during and after the procedure.

Non-surgical Methods

Non-surgical vaginal tightening methods have gained popularity due to their minimal invasiveness, less recovery time, and lower risk of complications. They mainly aim at promoting collagen synthesis and regeneration in the vaginal area. They include laser treatments, Radio Frequency treatments, and High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), among others.


Exercises targeting pelvic floor muscles, commonly known as Kegels, are a natural and cost-effective method of vaginal tightening. They may take a bit longer to yield results but will other health benefits to the women such as improved bowel movement and urinary incontinence.


Women’s health and wellbeing, especially when it comes to sexual health and satisfaction, should never be sidelined. Vaginal tightening procedures are an essential part of this endeavour, with methods available to match every woman’s needs and situations. Always consult with a health professional before deciding on which method is best for you.

Understanding Labiaplasty: Before And After The Process

Labiaplasty: Enhancing Confidence and Comfort

The field of cosmetic and aesthetic surgery has seen significant advancements over the past decade. This genre of medicine is no longer reserved for just facelifts or breast augmentation. An increase in demand and interest can be seen for a niche procedure known as labiaplasty. This article aims to shed light on this procedure, what it entails, and what you can expect before and after undergoing labiaplasty.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure that modifies the labia minora and/or the labia majora – the folds of skin surrounding the vulva. Women may opt for this procedure for several reasons, chiefly amongst them being discomfort while wearing tight clothing, during physical activities, or during intercourse, and for aesthetic reasons.

Before Labiaplasty: The Consultation Phase

Before a woman undergoes labiaplasty, she would typically have a thorough consultation with a certified cosmetic surgeon. Here, she can voice her concerns, clarify doubts, and discuss her aesthetic goals. Surgeons would then examine the patient to ensure she’s a suitable candidate for the operation. This initial consultation phase is fundamental as it helps both parties to plan the procedure matching the woman’s specific needs.

Importantly, a responsible surgeon will ensure that the woman understands the potential risks and benefits of the procedure. This means that expectant patients should be prepared to discuss their medical history, current health condition, and any medications they might be taking.

After Labiaplasty: The Recovery Process

The journey doesn’t end once the surgery is completed. The recovery process plays a pivotal role in achieving the desired outcome post-labiaplasty. Patients can usually return to work after one week, but full recovery typically takes some weeks, depending on the complexity of the operation and the individual’s personal health.

Post-operative instructions might include regular ice pack application to reduce swelling and instructions on how to clean the area. It is also recommended to abstain from sexual intercourse and the usage of tampons for a period of approximately four to six weeks. During this period, patients will have follow-up visits to ensure proper healing and satisfactory results.

Beyond Labiaplasty

It’s worth mentioning that labiaplasty is just one procedure in the expansive field of genital aesthetic surgery. For men, procedures such as cosmetic penis enlargement surgery are available. Similar to labiaplasty in women, it aims to increase the aesthetic appeal and comfort for the individual. Regardless of the type of procedure, the motive remains primarily to enhance the quality of life and boost self-esteem.


Before and after a labiaplasty procedure, individuals need to have a clear understanding of the process, possible risks and results. The main goal of these procedures is not just about enhancing the cosmetic appeal, but it’s also about restoring functionality and, in turn, promoting comfort and confidence. Just like any other surgical procedure, labiaplasty requires an experienced surgeon, and the outcome wholly depends on the patient’s individual conditions and expectations.

Pricing Information Of Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery

Pricing Information Of Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery


Valerie Garner

Liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery in which fat underneath the skin is removed through a suction device. A technique known as dry skin brushing can also help with the appearance of skin in many cases.

Celebrities, both in the private and public sectors of our society have contributed to the rise and popularity of cosmetic surgery. Among a popular option is a procedure called liposuction, the cost of which can be quite expensive.


The pricing of liposuction depends on many aspects. The cost of undergoing liposuction in the U.S. or Europe varies in greatly, when compared to the expenses charged by hospitals in other locations around the world. The demand for liposuction cosmetic surgery counts and effects the pricing equation. Supply and demand for the professional service also plays a part in liposuction surgery pricing. This surge in demand would naturally bring down the price of surgery, as competition would set in. Doctors who have successfully performed similar services most likely will be sought after by this new rising market. New doctors with impressive credentials, though lacking in experience could attract a fraction of this market, and that could bring down the price.

Another point of consideration that affects the pricing of liposuction is the area of the patient’s body subject to operation. It is an unwritten guideline in this field, that the body parts where fat is concentrated most, like the buttocks, abdomen and thighs, are charged lesser amounts, as compared to the face, neck and chin. The last three-body parts where fibrous fats are concentrated, are more expensive and a more complex procedure.

Performing liposuction in males (who have more fibrous fats than females) generally cost more in terms of pricing, compared to females. Other elements such as technique used, duration of operating time, and general health of the patient. are also factors to be considered, in the billing structure of the procedure.

Considering the factors discussed above that makes the pricing variable, it is estimated that the average price of liposuction is from $4,000.00 for 1 region of the body to a range of $6,000.00 to $10,000.00 for 3 – 5 regions of the body.

When it comes to skin in general, it’s important get plenty of sleep, drink plenty of fresh clean water, and to take good care of your overall health in general.

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Eczema Skin Sufferers May Find Relief Eliminating Nickel


Health and Beauty Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

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Face Lift Surgery Risks, Recovery Time, Exercise After Surgery And Much More

The surgery can vary from minimally invasive to more extensive and sophisticated surgery.

A facelift can help remove excess skin. It can also tighten the underlying tissues and muscle and redrape skin on the face as well as the neck.

Associated Risks


The potential for complications while performing surgery persist, just as for any other operation.

Pain is probably the most significant drawback of plastic surgery, and recovery times can be as long as six months in a few cases.

Some individuals may be at risk of severe reactions to anaesthesia or may develop health problems such as bleeding as a result of their surgery.

You need to discuss with Doctor regarding risks involved in the procedure.

Severe side effects:

Any surgical procedure carries a certain amount of risk, which may include excessive swelling, bruising or bleeding , wound becomes infected, delayed healing of wounds, numbness, breathing difficulties, unfavourable scarring, extrusion of implants or sutures, pain, and the need for revision of the surgery.

Worsened Self Image:

Cosmetic surgery is not necessarily a purely aesthetic choice few choose it out of low self esteem and depression. If this is the true intention behind the surgery, than you will most probably never feel better after surgery because the underlying problems will still be unresolved.


All in all, however, if complications are few and the benefits far outweigh the risks then Cosmetic Surgery is a procedure that can change your life for the better.

Preparing For Facelift Surgery

If you are considering FACELIFT SURGERY, it is important to take the time to determine why you want the surgery in the first place. If you have a medical need, or if you truly feel that reshaping your face will improve your quality of life, then you are a good candidate if you meet the aforementioned criteria.

While some people think that FACELIFT SURGERY is just a cosmetic procedure, it is in fact a medical procedure required for some people. FACELIFT SURGERY is done, not just to enhance your appearance but to also contribute to your overall health. Although having a FACELIFT SURGERY is common for Hollywood and bollywood celebrities and those who work in the limelight, certain life circumstances can force you to go under the knife. Here are some medically-necessary reasons that require you to have FACELIFT SURGERY.

Appropriate Consultation

  • The most appropriate way to consider your competency for any kind of plastic surgery is to schedule an appointment with a proficient surgeon.
  • During the first encounter the doctor will try to understand why you feel the need to have a surgery and also what are your expectations from the outcome of the surgery.
  • The physician will evaluate your medical history; inquire about your current medication and medical condition. He should also be aware of everything you take, including vitamin supplements or herbal products since they might interfere with other medicines used during surgery. The surgeon might ask you to perform blood tests and a few general lab tests to monitor your current health status.
  • The surgeon will perform a physical exam, to have a close look at the skin, associated muscles and bones, their quality and the kind of changes that can be made. Surgeon might also suggest an additional surgery which will enhance or compliment your look,
  • and last but not the least; the physician will assess your mental fitness to check whether you are ready to undergo the surgery.


  • Recovery is basically the time required to get back to a relatively normal routine.
  • Patients who wish to undergo FACELIFT SURGERY must plan for time off to heal and to be comfortable being seen in public.
  • The healing time can vary from person to person and will also depend on the type of surgery to be performed.
  • It can take up to two three weeks to return to work and perform everyday activities. After consulting with the doctor, People can utilise this time to go on a vacation or nurture themselves.


  • Sometimes the FACELIFT SURGERY doesn’t produce the results the patient imagines. This gap between imagination and reality may frustrate patient.
  • Expecting unrealistic results, like the surgery will make you look like a Hollywood or Bollywood star and automatically solve all of your problems, can be a significant drawback to having cosmetic procedures.
  • To have a better experience, it is extremely important to consult a qualified doctor before planning the surgery and develop a rational idea of what the end result will look like.

After Effects Of Surgery


There are chances of having mild to moderate pain and discomfort post surgery. The pain can be easily regulated with oral medications.The distress and pain should reduce within 72 hours after surgery. A reasonable increase in pain post 72 hours should prompt you to contact the doctor.


Swelling can differ from patient to patient. It might increase during first three to four days before subsiding.Things that can be done to reduce swelling include keeping the head elevated as much as possible; avoid bending over or lifting heavy objects.Prolonged sun exposure should also be avoided for the initial two to three months.


Most bruising and discoloration resolve within the first two to three weeks. Make up can be applied to cover up the discolouration when been seen in public.


The body part that undergoes the surgery can be numb for few days. The feeling of numbness is normal and shall reduce over upcoming weeks. Unusual sensations and moderate discomfort can persist while the nerves are regenerating over time.


Sometimes bleeding can occur, post surgery. You can lie down with your head elevated but if the bleeding still persists at this point, it would be advisable to consult your doctor.


It is perfectly alright for patients to go through a period of mild depression after the cosmetic surgery as after some days or weeks which depends on surgery, patients generally becomes anxious and expects the results when swelling and bruising still persists. But the patient should realize that it is a temporary condition and things are bound to improve over a period of time.

Post Surgery Do’s And Don’ts

Ask your doctor. for better and suitable guidelines. Following are the general instructions which should help you get the best results from your surgery.

Post Surgery do’s and don’ts:

  • No vigorous exercise, contact sports and running for minimum of two weeks.
  • No lifting heavy objects for at least 3 weeks.
  • Avoid pullover clothing for two weeks especially if you have undergone a face surgery.
  • Bypass hard chewing foods for a few days.
  • Avoid yawning and wide mouth opening for two to three weeks.
  • Avoid nose blowing or sniffing through the nose especially after rhinoplasty or nose job.
  • Avoid driving a vehicle for a few days after surgery.
  • No swimming for at least two weeks after surgery.
  • Avoid laughing, smiling, or other facial expressions that need a lot of movement.
  • Use a soft bristle toothbrush to brush your teeth.
  • Prefer using a mild soap and shampoo while taking a shower.

It is essential to maintain the tape and cover on the surgery to keep it dry. Once the doctor advises to remove the tape you can to gently wash your surgery area twice a day to help reduce oiliness.

You should be prompt enough to contact the doctor immediately, for any signs of bleeding that persist for more than ten minutes, infections, redness, swelling, fever, pain etc.

Exercising After Facelift

After cosmetic surgery many patients asks about post surgery exercise or when can they resume their gym activity. Patients needs to understand that, its extremely crucial to give enough time for proper healing of your body, for eg strain on muscles, excessive sweating, stretching of the skin etc. can delay the recovery.

You need to consult your doctor about

  1. How soon you can start exercising?
  2. What type of exercise?
  3. How much time?

Don’t start exercise without asking your doctor and follow guidelines given by your doctor as for complete healing, body needs time, and you need enough energy level for your routine and gym.

Seek Medical Help


  1. Development of a temperature elevation exceeding 100 degrees.
  2. An unusual amount of bleeding from the surgery area
  3. Significant reinjury of the surgery area
  4. A significant increase in pain even after taking your prescribed medication

In such situations, we expect you to call to the clinic even after office hour, Please do not hesitate to call us or present yourself to the emergency section of the clinic for evaluation.

Laser Lipo Reviews The Advantages Of I Lipo

By Louise Smith

Hi this article is a quick review of I lipo which is a new popular weight loss procedure in this I lipo review we will be looking at the treatment, the results and the cost of this sort of treatment.

I lIpo is a relatively new weight loss procedure, it is called I lipo due to the results it produces being very similar to that of a traditional liposuction surgery procedure, the advantage however of this procedure is that it is totally non-intrusive, this means there is no surgery required at all, this will obviously mean that there will be no pain and no unsightly scars after the treatment like what you would expect after any kind of surgical procedure like liposuction or other procedures like tummy tucks which both involve extensive surgical procedures.

So what is I lipo and what does the procedure consist of?


It is basically a technique that uses laser energy emitted through pads that are placed on your body in the specific area you are treating this effects the structure of fat cells in the body causing them to break down into free fatty acids and glycerol, which are then absorbed through the cell membrane channels and then transported around the body to be used for energy, this process is something that already happens in the body naturally when the body needs to use stored energy reserves therefore the procedure merely helps with an already natural accruing bodily function that happens in the body in the right situation naturally, this also means there are no adverse effects to the surrounding cells tissue or skin.

The procedure itself has been through a number of independent medical trials and is often compared to surgical procedures like liposuction.

Ultra sound has shown that after just 1 treatment in some cases up to 30% of fat in the treated area has been reduced, results can be seen almost instantly however it is recommended to do some light exercise after the procedure to speed up the process by burning the broken down fat that has been distributed through the body.

Possibly the best thing about this procedure is that I Lipo is completely painless unlike other common weight loss surgerys which can cause a lot of pain and scarring and remain painful for quite a while, a lot of people consider the feeling of I Lipo to actually be quite relaxing due to the pads that emit the laser being nice and warm.

So how much does ILipo cost? Well it is quite an affordable procedure each treatment costs around 100 with a recommended 8 treatments on average obviously some people will need less and some may need more but at an average of just 800 this really is an amazingly cheap alternative to real cosmetic surgery.

We hope you have enjoyed this article and hopefully it has given you a better understanding of this procedure if you would like to learn more about the procedure of I Lipo and why many consider it to be one of the best weight loss solutions in the market place.

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Teens Plastic Surgery The Trend Continuous

Teens Plastic Surgery-The Trend Continuous


Jackson Alex

A lot of young adults love spending some time in front of the mirror by striving different hair-styles, make-up and also fashion. However,many of them are not satisfied with these temporary adjustments since they want long term modification through the cosmetic surgery. Teenagers who wish to have cosmetic surgery usually have various motives and targets than grown ups.Teens are looking at plastic surgery to fix physical deformities, fix hereditary defects, poor body picture, etc. Some of the most popular plastic surgeries for teenagers are nose reshaping, otoplasty, breast augmentation, breast asymmetry,liposuction, chemical peels, micro dermabrasion, pimples elimination as well as laser hair removal.

The most typical cosmetic surgery for teens:


Nose job:Rhinoplasty is a nose surgery sometimes known as nose reshaping or nose job . It\’s a form of cosmetic surgery, which usually changes the contour and also size of your nose as it enhances your facial proportion as well as self-confidence. Most of these surgical procedures are performed for aesthetic as well as corrective reasons such as structural defect, birth defect, injury as well as age-related changes. Nose reshaping is the 2nd most popular cosmetic surgery for teenagers in the United States.

Otoplasty:Otoplasty is a good approach to fix ear abnormalities like huge ears, extra-large, irregular in shape, deformed and harmed ears.The process should be performed by an experienced plastic surgeon as they can increase the shape, length and width and also proportion of your ear appropriately without fail.This surgery can have a significant change in a person s physical appearance, self-confidence and over-all quality of life.Otoplasty will not affect the hearing capability. If you\’re dissatisfied with the appearance of your ears, you\’re the good person to get otoplasty.

Breast augmentation:Breast surgery has become the most in-demand plastic surgery in America. Breast augmentation is a plastic surgery carried out to increase the length and girth and form of your breast using saline or silicone implants placed under the breast tissues. It\’s technically referred to as mammoplasty augmentation as well as breast implantation. Teenagers are selecting breast augmentation for many different factors such as expand naturally tiny breasts, to build their breast shaped and for other cosmetic factors. Breast enhancement improves their look as well as improves self-image as well as self-confidence.

Breast asymmetry:It\’s carried out if one breast is different from the other in size and shape.

Chin area augmentation:Chin augmentation or even mentoplasty is often a facial enhancement method.Chin area augmentation is a surgical treatment in order to enhance the shape of the chin area by placing chin implants or even carrying out reduction surgical procedure on the jaw bone. Chin enhancement is a simple method with fast and significant influence on improving one s facial stability and also.

Liposuction:Lipo surgery can also be known as lipoplasty, a surgical treatment to remove stubborn extra fat build up in various parts of the body such as stomach, buttocks, back and thigh . This treatment will probably increase your body contours, proportion as well as improve your self-image.

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offers you effective surgical services to satisfy all your needs. If you have any doubt regarding the teen plastic surgery, you can call or contact us at

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The Latest And Old Trends In Plastic Surgery}

The Latest and Old Trends in Plastic Surgery


Devjeet Singh

With plastic surgery becoming more and more acceptable in middle class homes, the number of surgeries being performed year by year is steadily increasing. With this larger clientele, doctors are continually updating and improving and inventing new procedures. Below are the new trends and old surgeries that may be the most requested of the year.

Ear lobe Rejuvenation

As you get older your ear lobes tend to sag and stretch especially if you have been a lifelong earring wearer. Just like wrinkles can give away your age, so can your ears. There are surgeries to shorten the length of the expanded earlobe or make them plumper as they can thin out from the stretching. This has also become popular for those who have purposely stretched their ears for large gauged earrings, but no longer want the earrings or the holes left by purposely stretching the earlobes.


Permanent Lip Injections

Years ago, collagen lip injections were the most popular, but their very short life span have found them out of favor. Now people are looking toward more permanent results by using fat or synthetic implanted materials.

Though not guaranteed to be permanent, fat injections are done by removing fat from the abdomen and injecting into the lips. For a guaranteed permanent look, a synthetic material can be used. It is shaped like a small tube and is inserted through little slits made by a needle.

Adjustable breast implants

For many women getting breast implants what choice plagues them most is what size. It’s hard to know what a certain amount of cc’s will look on your body when looking at a plastic mound filled with liquid. With adjustable implants, if you don’t like the size, they can be non surgically adjusted for you.

Lipodissolve.It has a broad field and is sometimes confused over reconstructive surgery. Reconstructive surgery is used to correct congenital defects, developmental abnormalities, trauma, or the effects of disease like breast reduction, cleft palate surgery and birthmark removal, whilst it isn’t much associated with necessary reconstruction. It’s more about improving looks for aesthetic purposes such as rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and liposuction.

This is typically due to errors in the surgical procedures. It could also result because of wrong choices by either the patient or surgeon before the procedure. It is very easy to identify bad facial surgery, as it is visible and obvious. In case of facelifts that have become tight, it is apparent in the form of asymmetrical and tight appearance of face muscles. As a result of bad plastic surgery of the face, patients at times lose the mobility of facial features and it also hampers the sensation due to damaged nerves.

It is possible to make amends in a bad surgery by re-working the problem with another corrective surgery. However, serious problems as the case of a bad rhinoplasty are almost impossible to amend. It is important to note that repair job can only be done if there is enough tissue left for it. It is easier to camouflage plastic surgery that has gone bad in other unexposed parts of the body rather than the face.

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Considering Rhinoplasty At Different Ages}

Submitted by: Katie Perry

Rhinoplasty is as much an art form as it is a medical procedure. Because every nose is different, a surgeon must be skilled in a wide variety of techniques in order to achieve the best possible result for each patient. When determining how to proceed, a surgeon must take into account a patients nasal structure, surgical objectives, and other unique factors, including the patients age. As such, many people are curious about the ideal age for rhinoplasty, and the feasibility of undergoing the procedure at different ages.


In general, it is not a good idea for a child who is still developing to undergo an elective, cosmetic procedure like a rhinoplasty. Specifically, due to the potential for disruption of the nasal growth centers, a surgeon must ascertain whether a childs nose has stopped growing before considering any form of nasal surgery. Because there is often a correlation between the maturity of the foot and the maturity of the nose, a simple but surprisingly accurate test is to determine when a prospective patients shoe size last changed. If it has been more than two years since a childs shoe size increased, there is a strong likelihood that his or her nose has also stopped growing, and that a nasal operation would be feasible. On average, this occurs around age 15 in girls and around age 16 or 17 in boys. Therefore, nasal surgery on a younger child is recommended only in the presence of extenuating circumstances, such as when a nasal obstruction creates significant breathing difficulties.



Teenagers are also not commonly associated with cosmetic surgery. However, the physical component of changing a patients nasal appearance is not the only factor to bear in mind. In addition to physical development, it is important to assess a teenagers emotional maturity before considering any type of cosmetic procedure, including a nose job. Oftentimes, a compelling reason for a teenager to seek rhinoplasty is better social adjustment during the high school and college years. The evaluation of a teenager is a multi-faceted and complex process some teens are very mature and clear about what they want to change, while others might display photos of the latest pop star and explain that this is the nose they desire. As such, thoughtful conversation and examination should occur between a surgeon, the teen, and the teens parents before any cosmetic procedure is considered. A teenager must be mature enough to understand that the purpose of rhinoplasty is not to create a trendy nose, but rather to enhance the appearance of the nose so that it will continue to look good with age.

Young Adults

Young adults can be candidates for many types of plastic surgery, including rhinoplasty. Changes to the nasal structure can be entertained at this age because the nose has reached maturity. Nevertheless, if a prospective patient is considering a nose job for aesthetic reasons, a surgeon should carefully evaluate the patients expectations and motivations to ensure that they are realistic and appropriate. The best rhinoplasty candidates are well-adjusted and happy with their lives they simply want to improve the appearance of their noses, and are not seeking perfection. A prospective patient must understand that even slight changes to the shape of the nose can have a dramatic effect on his or her appearance. By the same token, a patient should not expect a nose job to transform him or her into someone else.

Middle-Aged Adults

Like young adults, middle-aged patients are also good candidates for rhinoplasty. Those who seek nose jobs tend to desire more subtle changes than their younger counterparts, mainly because their identities are usually well established at this point in their lives.


Prospective patients in this category typically seek a more youthful representation of themselves. Sometimes, they experience a disconnect between what they see in the mirror and how they feel inside. At this age, most people do not seek drastic changes, but instead have a healthy desire to look good for their age. There is no upper age limit for rhinoplasty; rather, if a person is in overall good health (both mentally and physically) and has reasonable expectations, he or she is not too old for plastic surgery.

Consult with a Board Certified Surgeon

If you would like more information about rhinoplasty, either for yourself or for your child, its best to consult with an experienced cosmetic surgeon who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. A trusted surgeon can help you make a fully informed decision to help ensure that you are ultimately satisfied.

About the Author: Katie Perry is an online content editor in the Tampa Bay area. She posts articles about plastic surgery topics and procedures, including


, facelifts, and others.


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