byAlma Abell

Security officers are people trained to keep you safe at special events, in local communities, for gated communities, and for other events and areas that you want to keep secure. They can be armed, plain clothes, or unarmed Security Guards in Dayton, Ohio depending on your needs and desires. The following will cover some of the things you can expect from security officers.

Stationary Guards

If you have an event or area that you want to secure at the gate or entry, stationary guards are a good solution. Your security guards can be armed or unarmed, or they can dress in a suit and tie and blend in with the crowd. When you hire a protections service, you are in control of how you want their services to be carried out at your location.

Patrol Services

Whether you manage a gated community or the local civic association decides to provide security, mobile patrol services are the best solution. Mobile patrol guards can quickly respond to noise complaints, suspicious activities, break-ins, and monitor the community. Sometimes these services deter criminal activity and sometimes they catch the perpetrators. While they cannot guarantee complete security, mobile patrol services provide an escalated level of security that gives residents peace of mind. Patrol services can also be used for facilities, factories, warehouses, apartment complexes, and other commercial areas.

Special Events

Some venues require that you have insurance when you are hosting an event. Insurance providers for events like concerts, festivals, and other events often require that you have security guards at the event before they will insure you. These security guards can also be plain clothes, armed, or unarmed depending on your desires and what is mandatory for the insurance coverage.

When you are choosing a service for Security Guards in Dayton, Ohio, it is important to choose providers with highly trained officers in the arena for which you need services. If you need armed guards, it is important that they have training in firearm use. If you want unarmed guards, they should be trained for handling situations using self-defense and protective techniques. U.S. Protection Service is a provider of quality, well-trained, and efficient security guards for all your security needs.