Distributing Video Over Cat5}

Distributing video over CAT5


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Most of us love to share and receive videos online but few of us really know what goes on behind that entire interface. Behind this seemingly simple concept lies a complex and revolutionary system which uses a technology known as video over CAT5. It is very effective, is widely in use nowadays and is the reason why the world is probably a much smaller place today!


How does it work?Basically, various high definition videos can be broadcast and relayed from diverse sources ranging from DSS, cable TV, baseband camera outputs, which have been modulated, DVDs, VCRs as well as even your own laptop or PC. These videos can then be transferred to as many as a whopping 14000 outlets of the RJ-45 variety. This amazing technology is a video distribution system like no other. With the help of a special platform known as RF distribution, one can view such high definition videos across media like bulletin boards, television, video conferences, alert broadcasts for emergency situations as well as for distance learning! What goes behind such a technology?This kind of a transmission of video over CAT5 happens because of a hardware solution, which is self-adjusting in nature. What this means is that the method of distribution of video is versatile and can occur across many thousands of outlets. Compared to conventional systems of video distribution, such a method of distribution is more cost-effective. By making use of existing telecommunications wiring and cabling, the videos can be relayed in a most effective manner. Most office spaces, buildings, hospitals, hotels, classrooms and campuses already have such an infrastructure in place. Hence, the installation costs of such a system are negligible.Through basic plug and play techniques, videos can be instantly relayed across various media. There is hardly any need for design engineering for installing such a system. There is also no requirement to adjust or balance any components. Basically, two wiring pairs are taken from an existing CAT5 sheath and then used for facilitating dual-direction videos. The other remaining pairs of wiring can be later used to distribute data or telephony. Analog and digital videosThe other advantage of having such a relay system in place is that it makes use of both digital and analog videos. Thus, this automatically broadens the scope of applications across which it can be used. Considering the cost-effectiveness, ease of installation, flexibility and ability to function on multiple platforms and media, this CAT5 distribution of videos is very efficient.

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Distributing video over CAT5}

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