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The existence of Cubic Zirconia (CZ) make our dreams of owning fashion bling-bling ring all possible due to its reasonable and lower price compare to diamond. The popularity of CZ make way for those who wish to buy an engagement CZ cocktail ring at an affordable price without breaking your pocket. If you re planning on getting married especially for a young couple and on a tight budget, CZ ring is the good alternative for you. There are synthetically lab made to look like diamond and you can t tell a difference easily. With that saving, you ll have more resources for other things such as wedding, honeymoon or even your new home. The most important thing is not to start a marriage with credit. These are the tips to assist you in purchasing your CZ engagement ring.

Find out your budget and be objective about it.

Do some survey to understand your spouse preference, style and not to forget her ring size. Is there any celebrity or designer ring that she admired? You can also get some information from her friends or relatives. This is crucial if you intend to surprise her.

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Determine color preference. CZ gemstone comes colorless or with color. Colorless gemstone is the traditional style but yet it still remains popular today. Up in demand is color gemstone if you prefer something out of convention. It can be made to color like blue sapphires, green emerald, pink, champagne, etc.

Determine the shape of the ring. Popular shapes are round shape, princess shape, emerald shapes, marquise shape and oval shape.

CZ comes with various grades. They are graded from A through AAAAA with AAAAA being the highest grade. Grade AAA is the popular grade used for engagement ring. Avoid those glass based look as it look cheap and chances are your partner will feel the same as well. High quality cubic zirconia has their greatest clarity and brilliance thus it looks as similar as a diamond.

The focus of the ring is always at the center and so is best to give more attention to it. Having said that, you can also add more design and sparkle on the band instead of the traditional plain single band.

Decide on your ring metal type. It can be sterling silver but if you have more budget aim for gold or white gold. Platinum are lovely but more expensive.

Survey around to get best value or purchase online as they provide great sale at a reasonable price compare to store as they have lower operating cost thus grant them the privilege in giving you a special rate. Take your time and don t rush into buying if you re not sure. Find out from customer feedback or review on their products and service.

These tips will help make your journey in sourcing for your engagement CZ cocktail ring much easier. Finally, do be honest with your spouse that it is a CZ ring. Next is to come out with creative idea for your engagement proposal.

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