Acne Skin Care Products an Overview


Trevor Mulholland

It is indeed a major inconvenience to suffer from acne – and sometimes people are willing to pay for expensive skin care items and surgical treatments just to make the acne go away. But what about those of us who suffer just as much, and don’t have the money or the superstar lifestyle to sustain that sort of acne relief? You don’t always have to buy signature skin care brands to experience relief from acne – there are some acne skin care products available over the counter that fall well within a reasonable budget.

A lot of acne skin care products use all-natural components so as not to further irritate the skin. Among these components is aloe – an extract of the “wonder plant,” so called for its myriad healing properties. But this doesn’t mean any lotion with aloe can help relieve acne! Make it a point to use only facial lotions on acne-prone areas. Aloe is also often used in tandem with other chemicals, which may irritate facial skin especially. Pure aloe gels are usually best.


Salicylic acid is another popular anti-acne chemical. A small amount of salicylic acid would help in the elimination of a lot of skin problems, including acne. A skin care solution that is made up of diluted salicylic acid – around two percent of acid only – ought to do wonders for your skin. Benzoyl peroxide is a vital component in some signature skin care products, such as Clearasil, Benzac and Benoxyl. What it does is to unplug pores, releasing the toxins that cause acne.

Alphahydroxy acid does its work by drying up blemishes and causing the top layer of the skin to peel. The peeling may seem awkward if you are especially conscious about your looks, but it’s still an effective cleanser and exfoliant. Many brands of sunscreens, eye creams, cleansers and moisturizers use alphahydroxy acid.

Of course, when using these acne skin care products, you should speed up the healing process by keeping a steady eye on your habits and diet. Avoid fatty foods, processed foods, nuts, and foods packed with iodine. Opt for sea salt rather than the more commercially available iodized salt. Remember to get plenty of sleep and to reduce your caffeine intake. You might be surprised how well a healthy diet and enough regular sleeping hours can do wonders for your skin – even without the use of over-the-counter remedies! provides you with information on a wide range of acne related issues, such as

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