byAlma Abell

Every online casino affiliate providing rakeback offers slightly different programs to players. When it comes to Betfair rakeback programs they are actually not considered rakeback by the casino but rather they are known as the VIP Cashback program.

Regardless of the specific name of the program Betfair rakeback provides players with an additional reward with every game played. You do need to have a membership to earn the rewards, but your membership is secure and you have the option to create your own unique login and password. All online casino sites, especially top sites like Betfair, use the latest in online encryption to ensure that you information is safe and secure and their systems are at or above industry standards for you protection.

What Is Rakeback or VIP Cashback?

Although some players assume that Betfair rakeback is actually like a comp program, there are some differences. Stop and consider the difference between traditional casino games and poker. In those games you are betting against the house, so the house has the chance for substantial earnings on each wager.

However, in the case of online or in-house poker players are wagering against in each other and not the house. This leaves the casino without the chance to earn money, so to offset this they keep a small percentage of the total wager on each game, which is called the rake.

Betfair rakeback, like all other rakeback programs, is a reward program that allocates some of that rake back to the players. In the case of the Betfair system this can be as much as 40% of what you pay to the rake each month.

The Process

To be eligible for the Betfair rakeback all you need to do is take out a membership in the Betfair casino and you will automatically be enrolled in their Loyalty Program.They just register your account for Betfair rakeback. When you play poker at the casino the rakeback is automatically applied to your account based on your wagers and is provided to you in the form of player points.

You can then notify the casino and change your player points into store points which can be used to buy items offered through the casino or you can also convert points into cash value to add to your bankroll. Keep in mind that the monthly Betfair rakeback is automatically applied to your account and all you have to do is play at the casino to enjoy the benefits.