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A stone massage is a general technique through which you manually treat muscles and tissues in such a way that they release tension and spasms from within them, with an awfully relaxing result in the end. The specific stones used for these soothing massages may be hot or cold depending on the kind of massage you are willing to get. The excessive sternness of the stone permits a female massage therapist to work on key points with a considerably deep pressure.

Basalt stone is one of the stones used for massage therapies and is dark in color. Its dark color allows it to get hot very fast and at the same time retain the warmth inside it for a pretty long period of time. The Basalt stone has a good magnetic strength and is made up of a higher ratio of iron. On the other hand gray stones have a well defined ratio of holding heat within them which makes them safer to use rather than the darker stones, darker stones are sometime difficult to handle as they may burn the skin because of their heat capacity. Therefore it is compulsory to use a variety of stones during a massage session to ensure the safety of the client.

There are many different techniques through which these stones are applied in a massage session and there main cause being is to transmit the heat held in the stone to the client s body muscles and tissues. A towel is wrapped around the waist of a client and these stones are placed on top of the key points where they have their utmost affect. Usually these stones are placed along side the spinal chord or the chakra points and the massager shall continuously keep massaging the client with more stones held in his palms. Massaging points include: muscles of arms, torso areas and parts of the legs.


The main cause of a stone massage is to relax the muscles of the client in a very comfortable way and not just to swipe stones against his body. Stone massage pressure entirely depends on the client s requirements and may be soft or hard, shallow or a deep thrust.

Heat that is released from the stone into the body of the client has vast effects, it helps improving the body circulation and allows the muscles to calm down, it also lets the body produce more oxygen and circulate nutrients around the tissue areas. Most stone massages take away a lot of the mental stress and put the client into a sedative kind of sleep after the massage is over.

Stones are just another transmitter of heat and represent the massager and his or her personality for the techniques he uses. Hence it is the massager who shall be responsible for using the best stones possible in any of his massages and make sure that he uses good affective massage practices that allow his client to benefit and experience the real feeling of a stone massage.

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