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Books are a normal part of your everyday life. You see, read, and touch books anywhere and everywhere. But how often do you come across a piece of literature that you can classify as life changing? How many times do you get to pick up a book that leaves its meaning resonating around your head after you have read its entire content? How often do you encounter a book that makes you believe in the power of living a beautiful life?

Twelve Pillars by Chris Widener is that kind of book and more. In this book, you will learn about important life secrets you have never even thought about before. The book may be a work of fiction, but it teaches you the same that you can surpass every challenge, every endeavor that life rolls your way. The book is small, made up of only about 120 pages, but the lessons you will pick up as you read along are in no way small. In fact, they are rich and vital.

The characters of the novel are Michael Jones, Charlie, and Mr. Davis. Twelve Pillars by Chris Widener begins when Michael’s car happens to break down on the roadside. Seeking for help, Michael comes across a huge mansion planted on an estate that had the name of the title of the novel. There, Michael meets Charlie, the caretaker of the estate. Going back to the broken-down car on the side of the road, Michael and Charlie engage in a conversation and form a special kind of friendship. In the conversation, Charlie shares to Michael the secrets of success that Mr. Davis, the owner of the estate, has used to become a wealthy and highly successful man.

Twelve Pillars by Chris Widener aims to teach you these fundamental lessons:

* How to live a three-dimensional-health kind of life

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* How to understand and appreciate the gift of every relationship in your life

* How to attain your goals and use time properly for this purpose

* How to make sure you surround yourself with the best people

* How to become a lifelong learner

* How to realize that income does not always exceed your personal development

* How to communicate effectively for better understanding

* How to understand that the world could sure use a great leader

* How to leave a great legacy

Twelve Pillars by Chris Widener teaches all these and more. The book works in imparting its positive message to the world because it teaches its lessons not in a way that makes you feel guilty for not making the most of your life, but in a way that inspires you to go ahead and make that great leap to become a better person and live a better life. The book makes use of a style that is both simple and easy to understand. It does away with complex words and sentences and goes straight to the point, which is exactly what one needs in the first place.

Twelve Pillars by Chris Widener does not disappoint. If you are yearning for some positive change in how you live your life, then you might want to grab a copy of this book. The world could surely use more of these types of books.

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