A Brief Know How On Trading In India

By Abitha Deepak

Stock trading is profitable in India if invested and trading done wisely with the help of a stock broker and stock analyst. Sign up for stock news and trade based on the news to gain in capital markets of India. People are advised to invest in financially sound and profit making companies for huge gains in the medium to long term.

Internet has opened lot of opportunities for people, who intend to make money from the comfort of home, office or while on the move. Investing in stocks of Indian companies helps individuals and institutional investors to realize huge financial gains in short term as well as long term. Small investors to high net-worth individuals and firms can invest in Indian stocks to benefit from price swings in the stocks. Stock trading strategies include daily trading, short term investing and long term investing.

Daily Trade or Intraday Trades


People can buy and sell the stocks on the same day. Indian stock market opens at 9.15 AM and closes at 3.30 PM from Monday to Friday. Intraday trade can be done in two ways. You buy at lows and sell at highs. Alternate way is to sell at highs and buy at lows on the same. It is called shorting of stocks. To enter the intraday trade, you should be able to identify the trend of the stock using stock trade software. If the stock is giving a buy signal, people can buy the stock and sell at high on the same day. It helps to make profits on the higher side of the stock. If the trend is reversed, you sell at that high point and wait for low and buy. In both ways you can make money intraday.

Short Term Trading

People can invest in stocks for short term gains. Stock trade software will help to identify the positive trend of a particular stock. You can buy a stock if its price is likely to go up in the next one week to three weeks. You can sell and book profit if its price reaches the predicted price. People should apply stop loss while investing. If the price of a stock is not going up as predicted, you should sell the holdings and wait for the next trend to invest. This strategy will help to save your capital.

Long Term Trades

People can invest in financially sound companies at low rates. It helps to get huge profits of over 200% in long term. Investors can seek the help of stock analysts to identify stocks that are good for long term investing.

In all the above cases, people need to sign up with a local broker, who will facilitate buying and selling of stocks for a fee. You need to provide your address, phone number, PAN card and initial payment to open trading account and Demat account. People can also opt for online trading if they have access to Internet enabled devices or computers. You need to sign up with the broker that offers Internet trade facility for trades through mobile phones or computers. People, who intend to trade online, need to have an online banking account to transfer or withdraw funds from their online trade accounts. Apart from online trade, people can trade through telephone giving oral instructions in India.

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Forex Tips Why You Should Consider Trading The End Of Day Charts

Forex Tips – Why You Should Consider Trading The End Of Day Charts


James Woolley

When you first start trading the currency markets, it is easy to find yourself drawn to the short term charts such as the 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minute charts. This is because you can bank profits in a very short space of time, and can be in and out of a trade very quickly. However you shouldn’t rule out the daily price charts because these can be just as profitable, if not more so.


What you have to bear in mind is that when you are trading the short time frames, you can only really expect to bank modest profits from each of your trades. These are often in the region of 5-20 pips at most. However when you go up to the daily charts, you will be in trades for a lot longer, maybe as long as a week or two, so you can potentially bank huge profits of several hundred pips from just a single trade. The beauty of this is that you don’t have to stress yourself looking for multiple trades every single day. You can simply switch on your computer at the end of the day’s trading session, ie when the daily candle closes, and look for any high probability trading opportunities amongst the various currency pairs. If there are not any decent set-ups, you can wait until the same time tomorrow. However if there are one or two opportunities, you can enter your trade, set your stop loss and target price, and watch it slowly unfold over the coming days (and weeks in some cases). Your overall success rate should be a lot higher on the daily time frame because technical indicators tend to work so much better on this time frame than many of the shorter time frames. With day trading you may struggle to make any money because there are so many false moves and whipsaws throughout the day. Of course you still need a profitable system in place even when trading these end of day charts. However it should be a lot easier to come up with a winning system. You just need to come up with a way of trading breakouts or price reversals, which is not all that difficult if you look for things like pin bars, EMA crossovers, MACD crossovers and divergence on some of the most popular indicators. So the point is that if you are not having too much success trading the short term price charts (like most forex traders who try trading these time frames), you should seriously consider trading the daily charts instead. These are far easier and less stressful to trade, and you should find that you can make more money because the price moves are easier to predict.

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Forex Tips – Why You Should Consider Trading The End Of Day Charts

The Forex Mini Account

Submitted by: Arkaitz Arteaga

“For those who are plagued by the misperception that the Forex Market requires a large capital to start with there are such things as Mini Forex Accounts that disprove this. These accounts have smaller units in trading and require lower capital to start with.”

It is often a misperception that Forex trading requires a large investment. This is one of the reasons that a lot of traders do not enter the Forex market, and stay in other markets like trading stocks. However this is not the case. Forex traders are able to trade by opening a mini account.

Advantages of a Forex Mini-Account

Low Capital Required


Forex Mini Accounts require only $300 to start. This is very fair as most traders trade figures much lager than this. There are very few investments people can get into with just $300. Prospects in Forex are also very good and most people can turn profits within short time frames.

High Leverage

In the stock market if you own $1000 dollars worth of share then you generally can get around $500 to $750 for leverage. These are optimistic figures. In the Forex market due to the liquidity of currency a trader can get up to 100:1 leverage. If you pay the small margin of deposit ($50 per lot) your mini account can serve as a very lucrative trading vehicle.


One pip equals to $1. Owners of Forex mini accounts can trade in Pips as opposed to dollars. This is in an effort to scale down the risk. This lower denomination allows traders with lower capital more flexibility in exploring many more opportunities in trading Forex. This also allows low-capital traders to diversify their portfolio more to reduce the risk of loss as it will be more spread out. For example a 30 pip floating loss equates to around $30. So if the trader has a 30 pip move against the other direction in their $100,000 mini account it translates to a $30 floating loss.

Smaller Trading Size

Standard Forex accounts contract sizes are 100,000 units. Whereas, a mini Forex account allows traders to trade in 10,000 units. The smaller trade size allows traders to trade live but with less risk. This is also ideal for those with smaller capital or those who are risk-averse. It is also ideal for beginners who are not yet confident in their abilities and want to test the market with smaller trades. As traders advance and become more confident they can increase they re lot size to 20,000 units.

Another hidden benefit of trading with a Forex Mini Account is for a trader to become familiar with the procedures and the environment of the Forex trading system. The software used for the mini account is similar to the regular account and has all the same functions.

Forex mini accounts are ideal for traders who are trading less then $10,000 as it allows them more trading opportunities. If they were to open a regular account it is very likely that they re entire capital can get stuck into one trade. It is a less risky alternative ideal for those new to the Forex market.

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Effects Of Grandfathering California Health Plans?

By Dennis Jarvis

There have been many changes in the California individual health insurance market resulting from health reform and none has been more confusing than that of Grandfathering. Being in the insurance market for decades, I can usually give pretty good guidance to a shopper or client regarding directions of various plan options. Grandfathering unfortunately bucks this trend. Let’s try to understand what it is and at least provide a good grounding of the pros and cons to grandfathering.

The first big ramp up of Health Reform drew a line in the sand on October 23rd, 2010. This was the deadline after which certain mandated benefits would kick in for new plans. Any plan with an effective date before the deadline would be grandfathered providing the plan was not changed aside from a few exclusions such as adding family members. To be safe, it’s fair to say that you would not be able to change your coverage if you wanted to retain your grandfathered status. So what was the benefit to having grandfathered status?


By avoiding the mandates on coverage (such as 100% preventative, etc), the rates for these older plans should be lower or more importantly, future rates should grow at a slower pace. With costs exploding, this is a huge advantage and many people chose to keep their grandfathered plans and status. This was after all, the “keep your plan if you like it” option discussed during the Health Reform debates. We personally discussed this decision with 1000’s of clients back in the heady days of late 2010 and the vast majority retained their grandfathered status. So, are there an drawbacks to keeping your grandfathered plan?

Part of the ambivalence back then had to do with historical knowledge of what happens to “closed plans”. Closed plans are plans which will not accept new enrollees which is what the grandfathered plans became. Usually, closed plans will enter a death spiral due to the fact that during the inevitable future rate increase, healthy people enrolled on the plan will shop the market and find cheaper alternatives or downgrades to offset rate increases. Enrolled people with health issues are unable to consider these changes and therefore the risk profile of the plan gets worse. The next rate increase reflects this with even higher increases which accelerates the whole process. Eventually, the plan is priced right out of the market and essentially dead. That’s what usually happens so why would we expect the grandfathered plans to be any different?

I brought this question to one of the carrier’s managers and his response was pretty convincing. That whole death spiral mentioned above only works if there’s actually a cheaper plan to move to! If all the new non-grandfathered plans are more expensive, the healthy people above will not move. We expect the new plans to be more expensive since they have more mandated benefits tied to them. So how did this actually play out since then?

According to plan. Apples to apples (similar benefits), the grandfathered plans are less expensive than newer plans since then and this trend will likely continue as new mandated benefits come online. You would think this would be a discussion past due since all new plans available are non-grandfathered but with every rate increase, current members need to decide if they should jump to a higher deductible to offset premiums. Every time the rates go up, we’re forced to consider the grandfathered decision all over again. First, run your instant California health insurance quote. Look at the available plans and their rates versus what you’re currently paying. We listed a “Key Factors to Comparing Health Plans” article to help you quickly break down the options. Every time we have checked, the rates have been higher unless you’re on one of the old and much richer plans. Of course, we’re happy to walk through these options with you since grandfathering makes the process of shopping California health insurance rates all the more complicated.

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agent with extensive knowledge of the Individual California health market.

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