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Have you heard of the new cell phone laws that are banning driving while texting? Have you ever been in traffic and wanted to do something productive like check your email or use voice recognition to reply to your emails or send voice text messages? Imagine having your own virtual personal assistant to screen your calls or use voice dialing on your cell phone. Imagine having a live personal assistant help you book flights or confirm appointments or dozens of other things to save you time and money. Well look no farther, because FDI Voice is here. This system will even allow you to reduce your cell phone bill. This service allows you to turn every phone that you use into your very own voice activated phone. This voice activated software requires no installation and is the best voice recognition you can find.

This is the next wave in personal communication. This is the best way to have online text to speech combined with a telephone answering service. This amazing voice activated phone system will dial calls, answer calls, screen calls, return calls, check voice mail return voice mail, check email, answer email, send text messages, read bible verses and more.

Imagine forwarding a voice mail message to all of your employees with your latest announcement up to 2500 people. Or how about sending a voice text message to the little league team letting them know the game was cancelled with one phone call. Well now your can! FDI Voice is making life easier with your voice activated dialer.


In addition to all the voice activated phone features, this personal communication system will call up to 5 separate locations to find you if you like, and even have a do not disturb feature if you do not want to be found. The call screening guarantees that you will never take another unwanted call again. Say bye-bye to telemarketers and bill collectors! You have FDI Voice.

Now that you have the latest in personal communication, you are saving more money than ever. No longer do you need an unlimited plan with your cellular company because your FDI Voice has FREE unlimited calls throughout the US and Canada. Now that you are using your voice activated dialing system, add your number to your favorites and cut that cell phone bill in half. This system pays for itself by saving you money every time you make a call. Get your FDI Voice working for you now.

With all the new cell phone laws banning driving while texting, this service is something that no one can afford to be without, legally. More than 500,000 accidents were caused by driving while texting last year. Drive safely and obey the cell phone laws in your state with your voice activated dialing system. See the impact of texting while driving from several different news sources all across the net and around the world. This has become a global problem and specifically amongst teens. FDI Voice is saving lives by helping people keep their hands on the wheel and not on their cell phone. Texting while driving is a major part of the cell phone laws that have already been passed in 22 states and some of which carry mandatory jail time while others have fines of over $140!

Another FREE feature from FDI Voice is a live virtual personal assistant. This virtual personal assistant service allows you to have 24/7 access to a live virtual assistant that is there to serve your needs from driving directions, to dinner reservations, from appointment confirmations, to flight and hotel arrangements and so much more. Imagine that you were 2 hours from the office and you just discovered that you have a last minute trip to take. Now all of a sudden, you need to find and book the cheapest flight out of town, reserve a car to rent, locate and book a hotel close to the airport, make reservations at the nearest 5 star restaurant with a window seat, and get directions from the hotel texted or emailed to you within the next hour. Now that sounds like a mouth full but with your very own virtual personal assistant, one phone call gets it all. 24 hours a day and 365 days a year your personal assistant makes life easier for you. Everyone should be treated like a VIP and now with FDI Voice, you will too.

FDI Voice is helping individuals and businesses free there time and add more hours to the day of the busiest people on the planet. See a 2 minute demo of this awesome system and get started with your very own voice activated phone with your virtual personal assistant for as little as $39.95 a month. FDI Voice is helping people save money, save time, and save precious lives. Find out more ways to make your life easier with FDI Voice Today.

Our team is actively looking to help individuals, organizations, and corporations improve the safety on our roads. We offer live demonstrations and educational workshops. Discover how you can help save more live with FDI Voice visit You can also contact Larry Lewis 443-341-0104.

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