Avoid Rookie Real Estate Investing Mistakes

Submitted by: Alex Anderson

When Robert Kiyosaki, author of the Rich Dad book series, bought his first property he was, of course, ecstatic. Finally, he had done it. He had taken that first important step in truly building his wealth that the man he called his rich dad so often touted investing. He knew it was very important to become an investor and make his money work for him.

The trouble was, the property he purchased was a losing deal for him. He didn’t see this at first, thanks to a smooth-talking real estate agent. But when he took the contract to his rich dad, he learned what a mistake he had made. According to that deal, he would be losing money each month. He thought it would be all right because he had been told that lost money was an investment in the future appreciation of the property.

He also was not aware that there would soon be major construction near the site, which would hamper access for quite some time. Who would want to live there?


What saved Kiyosaki on that deal was having a mentor like his rich dad, who made him go back and renegotiate the deal. The more experienced investor told him that you should never settle for losing money early in the deal, in the hopes that you will make up for it later. That is a bad deal.

Rich dad made him go renegotiate the contract and instead of losing money each month, he would be gaining $80 per month. His rich dad asked him how many of those losing deals he could afford at that rate. You can do the math. He couldn’t even afford the one. But at a gain of $80 per month, Kiyosaki’s reply to that question was, as many as he could get his hands on.

But many newbie investors fail to put themselves in the hands of a mentor, which his a mistake. It is good to have a trusted friend not an advisor who stands to make a buck off of you, but someone who truly wishes to educate you to keep them from making dire mistakes.

Another mistake that rookies often make is the very one that Kiyosaki made they allow themselves to be talked into deals in which they lose money, after getting bogged down in mathematical if’s that look really good on paper. If the property appreciates at this rate, then I can make up all the money I lost in the previous year and…and… That is, IF the unit stays rented. IF the tenants pay you on time. IF you don’t discover a significant flaw with the property. IF the tenants don’t cause a significant flaw with the property…

The list goes on. It’s bad enough if you’re making money on the deal and something like that happens. If you start out losing money, you’re almost guaranteeing your own failure. Yet a smooth-talking professional can make it sound as though they are doing you a favor by taking your money.

And finally, newbies often fail to consider the environment within which they are making their purchase, just as Kiyosaki did. With real estate, unlike with other investments, the local financial ecosystem can seriously affect your investment, and so you have to stay on top of what is happening in the neighborhood and the rest of the city.

The thing is to educate yourself and keep your head at the negotiating table. If you do those two things then your deals will likely be just that deals. For you.

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Tcg Crown Greens Housing Project In Pune}

Submitted by: Humayun Quaiser

TCG Crown Greens amazing residential apartments by TCG Real Estate in Pune. TCG The Crown Greens offers a choice of 2 and 3 BHK apartments that are fully intact with all convenient and luxurious lifestyle in Hinjewadi phase 2, Pune.TCG Crown Greens residential complex offers all the modern and contemporary amenities like complete power back up, round the clock security, centralized LPG and much more.

In TCG The Crown Greens Other than rain harvesting and Eco-friendly atmosphere provides your family a healthy living. Equipped with latest technologies and various educational hubs and shopping malls in the vicinity, TCG Crown Greens is a much sought place for people willing to dwell in lap of nature. In the modern times, Pune property has witnessed a tremendous. This increases in more in purchasing of the Pune properties, instead of leasing or leasing. Today not only property asset traders but also the common public is purchasing property asset in Pune. The purpose behind the rising improve is the fact that property asset profits in capital admiration. When there is improve of the need of residential units in certain place, the price of the home, flats, apartments instantly goes up. In other words, we can say that, self buyers are willing to invest in the home or home at that location as they find is suitable for residing. This increased need starts the role of property asset traders. They buy the home and sell them at their own edges, thereby increasing the value of the home or home.

The international standards of the home in Pune is attracting more of foreign investors and contributing towards the economical situations of the country. Government has also revised the laws and made them liberal, making it for the purchase and selling of the Indian actual property asset, which further lighten up the way for progress of actual property asset Pune. If people would earn good income from their business industry, then only they would be able to invest in the residential industry. The Pune professional actual property asset in the areas of IT, education, BPO services, automobile industry are the eminent drivers which run the residential division of the town. The entire housing market is creating in Pune and every year new improvements are creating which has improved businesses in Pune. The home designers in Pune have taken the benefit of this opportunity and presented many new personal tasks in Pune and professional tasks in Pune. Most individuals who have acknowledged their profession in Pune plan to buy their own house in Pune.

TCG Real Estate is a company evolved from The Chatterjee Group (TCG) was established under the dynamic leadership of Purnendu Chatterjee. The Group is responsible for development of umpteen commercial properties across the metro cities of India and is expanding footprints in the city like Gurgaon, Pune and Bangalore etc. With over 3 million sq. ft of land to its credit, the Group is one of the largest companies operating with built to suit and leased models. With the team of innovative professionals and innovative and hardworking freshers, the Group is all set to engross itself as the pinnacle real estate company in India that provide properties that matches the international standards. TCG The Crown Greens project delivers global, contemporary designed and intelligent infrastructures that are least setting benchmarks in the real estate market and is making an edge over its competitors.

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Companies That Provide Title And Closing Services Are Invaluable


Purchasing a home places a lot of items on your “to do” list and one of the most important is to choose a title and closing company. Title companies go back as far as the home has been in existence to make sure the title is clean, which makes title and closing services very valuable indeed. After all, no one wants to find out on the day of his or her closing that there is a problem with the title such as undocumented owners or liens that haven’t been paid. Working with a title company discloses all this information, which makes it easier to decide what to do next.


Title Companies Do Extensive Research

Companies that provide title and closing services do extensive research into the home’s title and also prepare the paperwork for closing so that nothing is left undone. Whether the problem is missing heirs, some type of fraud, will misrepresentation, or mistakes that were made when the documents were recorded, these companies will catch it and even offer advice on what your next step should be. They enable you to have peace of mind going into your closing so that there are no surprises in later years.

Don’t Go it Alone

Not using a title company is only asking for trouble but using one allows you to feel good when nothing suspicious turns up. Companies such as Prestige Title work with owners of all types of properties and their thorough work means that you do not have to worry about being held liable if there is a problem because it will be cand performs all the duties that all reputable title companies do. Furthermore, their comprehensive title and closing services ensure that you will be completely prepared for your home’s closing, enabling you to relax until that important day. For more information visit prtitle.com. You can also join them on Google+ for more updates!

Why It Pays To Invest In Gold

By Bob Schwartz, California Gold Nugget Prospector

There is a giant vacuum scooping up most of your financial wealth and you dont even hear the noise. Quite simply, you are going broke. The US currency was designed to be, literally, as good as gold, from the very beginning. The Constitution states that our currency was meant to be only gold and silver to prevent exactly what is been happening to the US dollar right now.

When the gold standard was set in place the price of gold remained a constant $20.65 per ounce and fluctuated only one penny over the years 1833 to 1890. From the years 1891 to 1930 the price of gold was still pretty stable. The low was $20.58 and the high $21.32 per ounce. This means that for the period of 1833 through 1930, a total of 97 years, the price for 1 ounce of gold changed only 74 in US dollars. An interesting fact is that gold hit an all-time low $17.06 during the Depression year of 1931.

Many people believe that the 1931 goal was influenced by the newly formed Federal Reserve which kept the money supply very tight. Some believe that it was the Great Depression that created the Federal Reserve. Actually, the Federal Reserve was created in 1913, well before the Great Depression. Since the Fed’s creation, the US has been slowly going off the gold standard. On August 15, 1971, President Nixon announced that the United States would no longer redeem US currency for gold. This was actually the final step for the US abandoning the gold standard.

Since going off the gold standard the value of the US dollar has been steadily and continuously declining. While the actual price of gold remained fairly consistent, one has to look at the value of the dollar. Since going off the gold standard, the dollar has declined.

Recently the price of gold hit all time highs at over $1400 an ounce. Since then the rate has dropped below $1400 but the Federal Reserves latest scheme to buy 600 trillion of the Treasury’s debt, it seems certain that gold is about to reach a new high once again.


Now here’s an interesting fact: In 1964, a quarter would buy you a gallon of gas. Quarters made in 1964 and earlier were roughly 90% silver and 10% copper. Today, with gas going for about three dollars a gallon, the silver in that pre-1964 quarter would buy over a gallon and a half worth of gas. So you can see, it’s not that the price of silver has gone up so much. It’s the fact that the dollar has been tumbling that makes this possible.

There are many out there that are saying this is a gold and silver bubble and it’s about to bust.

The uncontrolled spending here in California by the state government, as well as the Federal government, indicates the dollar value will continually erode, at least in the foreseeable future.

It takes about 5 1/2 pre-1964 quarters to make up 1 ounce of silver. In my example above you can see that the price of gold and silver actually remains quite constant, while the paper currencies that are not tried to gold and silver have actually declined. One can look to the European countries to see the crisis that’s happening with the Euro and individual currencies.

Today the current country in economic distress is Ireland, a few weeks ago it was Greece, and people believe Spain is in the same boat.

This overspending and debt creation has been driving the purchasing power of the dollar down. This is exactly what the founders of the Constitution warned us about and foresaw to prevent by putting us on a gold standard to back our currency. The current $600 trillion Treasury note debt purchase by the Federal Reserve, is just a tax on all US citizens. The government is taking money from each and every citizen by pushing down the value of the dollar. The vast majority of citizens don’t realize this is a tax; in reality that’s exactly what it is.

If you listen to the government, you’ll hear there is no inflation. Go to the grocery store and look at prices for basic staples (milk, fresh vegetables, cheese); they’ve all gone way up. Even though ones salary has been pretty consistent, youre able to purchase much less and have much less disposable income. The concern is not the fact that these commodities are going up; it is that the dollar value is going down.

Investor portfolios should include gold investment in order to offset the decline in the dollars purchasing power.

The majority of the worlds gold mining results in fine gold dust and natural gold nuggets are rare. Everyone should have some investments in gold.

My personal passion is weekend gold nugget hunting. The adventure of finding my own nuggets is a joy. Meeting many other prospectors has been educational and fun.

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Exploring The Options For Custom Windows In San Diego, Ca

byAlma Abell

While it’s possible to purchase a variety of windows from generic sources, many of the innovative home designs now common in the area require custom windows in San Diego, CA. Widows with unusual sizes and designs are not readily available from big-box building supply sources, suggesting it will pay to work with local window experts that understand customization and how important unique styles are to the overall appeal of a property.

Have the Style and Energy Efficiency You Need


By working with a supplier of customized windows in San Diego, CA, property owners will enjoy to best of both worlds. Yes, you can have unique windows created that are also energy efficient. The window experts will explain all the available options and let consumers decide which styles and types of windows would best fit their home’s needs. That simply means homeowners can select double-hung or casement windows for any area of their home and in any size needed to create the effect or mood for the room.

Explore Your Exterior Door Options

French doors and other types of patio doors are now commonly taking up whole walls of area homes. Those window and door options create dramatic effects when the doors are closed and allow easy access to exterior living areas when they’re open. If you’re looking for great ways to update the look and feel of a home, let the custom window and door experts explain how they can help. The result will allow homeowners to better enjoy the property and, at the same time, enhance the home’s market value. If you’re unsure if a specific type of window or door will work, ask the professionals for advice.

Matching Existing Styles

Since many of the region’s homes feature classic designs that are difficult to match with off-the-shelf windows, custom-made windows are the only realistic option when preserving a home’s character is important. Rather than settling for an option that won’t produce the desired look, contact the experts at Custom Mouldings Sash and Doors for advice. The company specializes in creating solutions for even the most problematic window and door needs.