STOCK TRADING ADVISOR by DIBYENDU MANDALIn these days, banks are cutting interests, regular job or business can not fetch you secured future which you require in your retired life, education of children, medical etc. A wise investment or financial plan should be in place to combat with these demands of life. Stock market poses to you huge investment opportunity if you place your money at right place. You have to conscious about the risks where you can put your hard earned money.When you invest in shares/stocks through any broker, they are only concerned about their brokerage and does not bother about your profit and return on investment. They put your money on shares/stocks on the basis of their expert analysis but they are not obliged to give you profit. If you incur loss, you can not hold them liable. My personal experience is their tips and advises are more loss making than profit making. But as we do trade ourselves in the stock market, we put your money in trade as we put our own money and strictly concerned about the profit. We do not charge any brokerage or fees. We are committed to give you a certain percentage of return on your investment which will be much higher than investing through broker if you consider the brokerages and occasional losses. No one can give you guaranteed return on investment in stock market but we do.We are professionally managed stock trader, advisor, and investor. We give highest possible return. We trade in shares, commodities with 100% accuracy by performing technical and fundamental analysis. We trade in stock market through strategies which are long established and back tested. we provide our clients accurate and timely intraday best stock tips which drive them to make maximum profit from the equity market.There are thousands of stocks available in Stock Market today and it is next to impossible to track all of them. But being a leading stock tips provider, we have a team of experts who keep a constant eye on the stocks which are doing well fundamentally. They also watch Business Channels, Get Market Rumors, Read charts using Latest softwares & have latest Technical software to get the market trend.Even after we send the stock tips which are also the most reliable share tips, we don’t let our members worry about anything. Rather, we take up all their worries. All you need to do is keep your phone on and keep reading our sms, as we will continuously keep updating you via messages. You don’t have to read any business magazines or watch any business channels.If you’re looking for expert stock recommendations for medium to long term investments or Intraday Trading Tips or investment o directly in the stock market then you are at right path. Our services facilitate and enable our clients to focus on their core businesses without additional hindranceWhen it comes to investing or trading, excecution is table stakes. What matters is need based advice. Different customers have different advisory needs be it intraday, positional or long term. The advice they seek could be based on fundamentals or techincals; research based algorithm based. Equity Advisory products cater to varied risk and return need profiles. Our Advsiory products comprise of Momentum Trading, Delivery Ideas, Quantitative Strategies and Investment Ideas. This advice is available through our advisors, .This advice is what helps clients take investing decisions with conviction.www.stocktradingadvisor.wordpress.comArticle Source: