Arming Your Kitchen With Basic Cooking Utensils

Arming Your Kitchen With Basic Cooking Utensils


Bill Duff

There’s no doubt that having the right tools for the job makes any task easier, and there’s no better place to illustrate this than in the kitchen, where having the right cooking utensils can be the difference between creating good meals and great meals.


Many cooks think about major appliances such as the stove and refrigerator when planning to equip their kitchens, but to be a success in the kitchen, you need to have a good selection of cooking utensils in addition to the bigger items. And don’t forget, cooking utensils means more than just spoons; there’s a host of small cooking utensils ranging from cutting devices, juicers, graters and more. Think about what you do in a kitchen and about how different cooking utensils come into play for each task: — Washing and drying fresh produce – always easy to accomplish with a strainer and salad spinner. A vegetable peeler is also an important addition to your cooking utensils closet. — Slicing, chopping and dicing all kinds of food and garnishes – a food processor makes short work of vegetables, but mandolins, knives and graters are also helpful cooking utensils to have on hand. — Measuring – cooking and baking can be a form of art and recipes should be followed as precisely as possible so measuring dishes, cups (both wet and dry measures) and measuring spoons are invaluable cooking utensils. — Weighing – depending on what you like to cook, you may want to add a food scale to your shopping list of cooking utensils. Such a tool can be excellent for portioning meat and other products that have cooking times affected by weight. — Temperature – as important as measures are temperatures, which can affect the success of your kitchen endeavors. An oven or meat thermometer is key to having properly cooked meat that is safe to eat, and should be included in your pantry of cooking utensils. — Mixing – no kitchen would be complete without a cadre of mixing bowls in its cooking utensils cupboard. Having a selection of bowls in assorted sizes is essential to fast, efficient cooking. — Manipulating, poking, prodding, lifting and stirring – perhaps what most often comes to mind when you think of cooking utensils are implements used to move food: spoons, forks, knives, spatulas, wire whisks, pastry blenders, tongs, salad lifters, slotted spoons, wooden spoons, serving spoons and more. By imagining the tasks you do every day in the kitchen, you will get a better idea of the cooking utensils you should consider purchasing. Think about every stage of the food preparation process, from storage and cleaning, to cooking and presenting. Other useful cooking utensils: pastry brush, kitchen shears, rolling pin, salt shaker, pepper mill, cutting board, ramekins, flour sifter, rotary beater, ladles, juicer and a can opener. Cooking utensils come in a range of prices, quality and materials such as wood, metal, rubber and silicone. Regardless of how much you pay, always make sure any cooking utensils that have multiple pieces, fit together securely.

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Arming Your Kitchen With Basic Cooking Utensils

Simple Crock Pot Meals That Make You Feel Like A Top Chef

By Dana Morgan

Many people live particularly quite busy and stressful lifestyles. That’s just life nowadays. Yet even so we really don’t need to be satisfied with frozen dinners or some other tasteless meals in a box. Not anymore. The slow cooker was developed just for everyone having busy schedules who also would like superb meals. You’ll find a huge selection of easy slow cooker recipes which you could get ready early in the day and be able to have a terrific home made supper at night. You’ll find it simple and convenient.

There’s not a great deal you can’t do using a slow cooker. You can be innovative with main-dish items, party-time hors d’oeuvres or perhaps sweet-tooth goodies. They can all be prepared merely with your crock pot. Whether you want something for a weeknight dinner or you’re planning on serving a group, the slow cooker can be your personalized chef to prepare delightful dinners that please and surprise anyone.

You’ll find it amazingly simple to prepare the many old family specialties ranging from BBQ beef sandwiches, slow cooker beef stew or maybe that old classic slow cooker pulled pork. There are countless effortless crock pot recipes to try out. You can be as innovative as you want. Whenever you are hosting friends you can get a much more innovative with mouth-watering selections like Warm Blue Crab Bruschetta or perhaps Wild Mushroom Stew. You’ll find it all rather effortless with the slow cooker.


You can also enhance your main dish by using various savory side dishes. So how does Corn on the Cob and Garlic Herb Butter sound? Or perhaps you want to try some Slow-Roasted Potatoes or maybe a fantastic Potato Casserole. There are a number of choices to add a special touch to your meal.

Are you a huge soup fan? Well with the slow cooker you probably will not choose to ever open a can of soup in the future. You certainly must try such favorites like Chicken Tortilla Soup or even Roast Tomato-Basil soup. Simple slow cooker recipes for a pot of soup are delicious and provide a little something for everybody. There are always those established absolute favorites of Manhattan clam chowder, New England clam chowder or even Easy Corn Chowder.

Naturally no supper is finished without having dessert. Don’t be concerned, there are several easy slow cooker recipes for desserts. You will definitely have to save room for treats like Bananas Foster, Pumpkin-Cranberry Custard or especially for Home style Apple Brown Betty. You will definitely uncover delicious desserts that can help complete any supper.

Your slow cooker even can create a few subtle flavors just for sipping. There are sure to be some of your favorites that your slow cooker will help make. For anyone who is a tea drinker you will need to try some favorites such as Cranberry Tea or maybe Spiced Citrus Tea or even Chai Tea. And then don’t forget about those top favorites such as Hot Chocolate or Apple Cider.

Because of so many easy slow cooker recipes available the slow cooker will rapidly end up your most popular kitchen gadget. You have no more lame excuses for not having the time to create all those scrumptious dishes you have often wanted but never had enough time to fix. Have fun being imaginative and enjoy your slow cooker for many years.

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