Purchase Sexy Lingerie For Your Loved One

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When you are considering buying a gift for your significant other, do not forget about the allure and beauty of lingerie. It is a gift that gives to both parties involved. Not only is it a romantic gesture, it also makes your loved one feel wanted and special. Finding the perfect lingerie takes a little bit of skill, this can be acquired by anyone. It is always best to shop online and buy sexy lingerie worn by models so you get an idea how it will look on your loved one.

The Ease and Comfort of Buying Lingerie Online


While buying lingerie online may seem like it is not personal enough, this idea is wrong. When you purchase lingerie online you have specialists ready to answer your questions twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Unlike walking into a lingerie boutique, purchasing lingerie online helps you retain your privacy so you are not turning ten shades of red in front of a sales representative. You will also receive dedicated support from knowledgeable people that are ready to answer your questions and provide suggestions that are helpful.

Lingerie Information that Is Necessary

Before the process of buying lingerie can ensue, it is important to know what sizes to purchase. This can be done by checking intimate apparel that is already owned to find the correct sizes. Make sure you note the size of a bra cup since those letters represent the actual cup size. A correct cup size helps a bra fit and look better.

Consider the Style Desired

Whether it is brought up in casual conversation or a peek into a lover’s closet ensues, finding the style they prefer is a good idea. The kind worn the most just might be the style that is desired above all others. Next take note of fabric types, colors, patterns and textures. If you want to spice up their look, simply ask if there is a particular type of lingerie they prefer. Make a night of browsing lingerie online together at www.strapsandstrings.com to find the perfect set. Spending time together picking out new lingerie sets the scene for sweet anticipation when the desired set arrives and adorns the body of the one you love.

The Nokia C5 Provides A 3.2 Megapixel Full Focus Camera

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The Nokia C5 provides a 3.2 megapixel full focus camera


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The Nokia C5 has a 3.2 megapixel full focus camera with autofocus and an LED flash. The sleekly designed handset also boasts easy access to email accounts and messaging services and great music and navigation features.

Music can be enjoyed on the go through headphones connected to the 3.5mm audio jack connection available, and music is easily managed with Nokia Music Manager which seamlessly tips music and tracks from a PC onto the phone, which an include downloads from Nokia Music Store. The handset has plenty of memory to store music too, with an expandable storage of 16 gigabytes on microSD. Additionally, the handset also has an integrated FM stereo radio.


The 3.2 megapixel camera enables the user to capture great moments on the move either through still images or videos. It is then simple to share images on photo sharing websites such as Flickr or on Ovi Share, and friends can comment on them. The handset also features a secondary front camera making it possible to enjoy video calls to friends also.

The C5 offers instant access to popular social networking sites including Facebook and Twitter, so status updates and profiles of friends can be checked regularly from anywhere. Nokia Messaging provides a straight forward way to access online email services and instant messaging, including Google Mail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail, and instant messaging services including Google Talk and Windows Messenger. With this handset both email a chat are made easy.

Navigation features are also not missed out with this phone, as it includes Ovi Maps with free Walk and Drive navigation plus other free guides from Lonely Planet and Michelin among other providers. The Walk navigation provides the user with voice guidance while the display shows visual instructions and 3D landmarks. The turn-by-turn Drive navigation also includes realtime traffic information, lane assistance, automatic re-routing and speed limit warnings.

The handset itself is made from stainless steel and includes a 2.2 inch TFT screen with support for over 16 million colours to provide a vivid and clearer display. The overall design is slim, compact and lightweight, as well as being an attractive handset. The alpha numeric keypad is also laid out well to offer ease of use when dialling and typing.

The Nokia C5 overall offers the user a fantastic set of features encased within a very stylish looking and lightweight handset, which has a great main camera and a secondary front camera, easy messaging capabilities, plenty for entertainment and navigation services free for the lifetime of the handset.

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