Slide In Campers Offer Travel Without Limits

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By M. Xavier

Among other things, freedom is the ability to go where you want to go, whenever you want to go there. While it is impossible to be truly free – there are places that are simply off limits – the freedom enjoyed by campers is often limited by their equipment and their transportation. If you own a massive RV you might have the luxury of all the creature comforts of home, but it comes at the expense of your freedom.

An RV is limited to the roads it can use, the places it can park, and even the campgrounds it can use. And when it comes to exploring uncharted territory, driving an RV is more than impractical, it is essentially impossible.

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Conversely, backpacking hikers are free to travel anywhere their feet can carry them, but their feet can only go so far and when they get to wherever they’re going all they have is what they could carry on their backs, and carrying large quantities of food or fresh water can be difficult or exhausting. When you explore camping options it is easy to conclude that when it comes to freedom and options in your outdoor recreation, only slide in campers can bridge the gap between hiking on foot and parking in your RV.

Slide in campers are exactly that; campers that slide into the bed of a pickup truck. It is the pickup truck power plant that gives slide in campers the access, range, and capacity that is not available in any other model of camper. When attached to the body of a powerful 4×4 truck, you can take your slide in camper just about anywhere your heart desires. You are not limited to the partitioned areas of a campground like an RV, nor are you excluded from parking lots and small roads either. You can go anywhere a truck can go, and trucks can go just about anywhere. You are only limited by your imagination and your supply of gasoline.

Slide in campers do more than just provide options and range in your travels, they provide comfort and protection as well. With roofs that often pop up to allow walking space, quality campers feel more like an RV than a camper, and they have the amenities to prove it. There is a lot more than a place to sleep in a slide in camper. There is also room to cook on a multiple burner stove, or store food in a fully functioning refrigerator. You can dine at a fold out table in your sitting area, or shower in a fully functioning and enclosed bathroom. You have room for everything you need, including surplus water, cooking gas, heater, and any toys you might wish to take along. A slide in camper makes long trips to remote places not only possible, but fun and convenient.

Once you find a model that will fit the truck you own you simply slide it in, attach it, and go. Whether you want to head into the remote wilderness, or wish to travel cross country without paying for hotels at every stop, slide in campers can provide the freedom to go where you want, when you want.

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The Pain Of Toddler Constipation

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By Jeff Foster

If you are a parent there is a pretty good chance that you have dealt with toddler constipation at some point during your child’s life.

This aggravating condition can be painful for your child and frustrating for you as the parent. While adult constipation is defined as when an adult experiences three or less bowel movements during a week, a toddler is different.

A toddler does not have a ‘normal’ number of bowel movements. There are definite patterns to bowel movements and things such as activity level, fluid volume intake, fiber intake and ignoring the urge to defecate all impact the pattern.

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So if there are times that your child is experiencing constipation, there are a few things that you can do to help resolve the issue. Treatment for toddler constipation can certainly start with prevention.

Dehydration is a rather common reason for toddler constipation. So if your child is not taking in an adequate amount of fluids then their stools can become quite hard. As the stool hardens, it can become difficult to pass. So by working to keep your toddler well hydrated you can help to work towards the prevention of constipation.

Low fiber intake is another challenge when it comes to toddlers. Without an adequate number of grams of fiber per day, your child has an increased chance of becoming constipated. Common and often favorite childhood foods include those such as milk, cheese, and peanut butter, which are known to be constipating. Encourage bulk fiber foods such as wheat bread, whole grain foods and fresh vegetables can help your child to reduce their challenge with constipation.

Ignoring the urge to defecate, which is common in toddlers, can make the problem worse. Kids are busy and often don’t want to bothered taking time out of their busy day to go to the bathroom. This really can become an issue if they have experienced pain with a bowel movement, since it makes them more likely to want to ignore the next urge to have a bowel movement.

Yes, toddler constipation is a common fact of life, so no need to panic. There are lots of options for helping your child effectively manage constipation.

Work with your child’s pediatrician to make sure that you have the best management plan individualized for your child. Here’s to healthy and happy bowel movements for your toddler and ones that lack any evidence of constipation!

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