Sigmoid Colon Spasms and Ovarian Pain


Nathan Michael

Adhesions around the sigmoid colon may be the origin of the irritating bowel syndrome. Some of the symptoms in the patients are the pelvic pain.

The adhesions are the fibrous joining or the filamentous that joins the sigmoid colon to the sidewall of pelvic and sufficiently stretches to correct the colon course. It may very rarely create a slight narrow down or kink that makes the bottleneck outcome.

In one of the observational studies, it is presented that around 146 women took the laparoscopy for the pelvic pain and around 56 women were seen to have the sigmoid adhesions and 34 women out of these did not posses the sensible source of their symptoms apart from the sigmoid adhesions. Pelvic infections and endometriosis were feinted out.

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All of the women with the sigmoid adhesions just possessed their adhesions with the use of cautery or laser. The bowel will be sent back to its usual position. The level of gastrointestinal symptoms and the pain are associated well with the level of adhesions that is originated during the surgery. All the women would have experienced symptoms for a period of 6 months and more than 40% of the women would have experienced this symptom for a period of more than one year.

In 6 months time, after the removal of the adhesion, 91 percent of the women had a good reduction in the symptoms of gastrointestinal and also pelvic pain. After one and a half years, 80 percent of the women reported for symptom as well pain relief.

Generally, the surgeons consider these adhesions around the sigmoid colon as a normal one and does not have any scientific implications. But the result of the findings suggests that this may originally be the relevant source of bloating, cramping and pelvic pain. The doctors also say that presently the providers do not even have a look for these adhesions and leave alone the same for treatment.

It is improbable that these deflective sigmoid adhesions will have an etiology as same as that of endometriosis. It is understood that in 60% of the women this endometriosis was lined out with the colon adhesions. Additionally, it is also doubtful that the sigmoid colon adhesions are linked with menstruation, as the same is also seen in the men.

Additionally, sigmoid adhesions may add harshness to the symptoms of the patients with the ill tempered bowel syndrome because of the unusual colon spasms or peristalsis.

The sigmoid colon has got the specific work of contraction very vigorously. This is mainly for maintaining a high pressure. This action will regulate the stool movement into the rectum. Mostly, the diverticuli happens in this place as the sigmoid has got the high pressure division of the colon. The sigmoid colon is a division of the large intestine that is nearer to the anus and the rectum. A loop is formed with an average length of 40cm and generally lies inside the pelvis and it is also very independent to get displaced to the abdominal cavity.

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