1. Administration and Management. degree in Business Administration and is currently considered as the most college career. These studies provide the graduate comprehensive training in the field of business, providing the necessary knowledge to start a business to manage established companies. areas where they can integrate more easily are the finance department, the production, trade, in the area of accounting or auditing. For its multidisciplinary approach also can target market research, administration, marketing or human resources. For a minimum of one year experience the average salary can reach 18,000 euros gross per year on a junior, but this figure increases as does the candidate’s experience. If they are two years of specialized experience and English proficiency can increase the number to 30,000 euros of fixed salary plus variable. The more experience, and language skills can bring this candidate, your salary will increase more.

2. Economics.Graduates in Economics are oriented finance, production planning, market analysis and advisory work and consultancy. The sectors that are more easily integrate the banking, insurance, consulting, consulting, etc..Solving skills, stress management or the ability to dialogue are some of the skills required for these workers.These professionals, early in his career, are between 17,000 and 21,000 euros gross per year.

3. Business.Students accessing this qualification will be able in the future to access accounting departments, management and administration, business management, marketing, consulting, procurement and sales, export and import, payments or finance. To enter the labor market these professionals are required to not only the diploma, but knowledge and experience in accounting, management and advanced Excel and Access. The salary of a junior profile is around 18,000 euros.

4. Of Computer Engineering. The job market still has a major shortage of specialists in computer science and new technologies, one of the profiles less affected by the crisis if you have experience. The main professional opportunities for these graduates are in the professions of analysts or programmers, but can be used in all sectors related to new information technologies and communication, e-business, etc.. Though their salaries have been reduced with cause of the crisis, a junior profile (for example, a help desk) can come at between 18,000 and 25,000 euros. The salary range varies with the experience provided by each candidate and accompanying skills.

5. Industrial Engineering. This qualification is aimed for professionals who want to enter industries such as electronics, electrical, construction, gas, aviation, shipbuilding, information technology, communications, networking, telephony, chemical, textile. These graduates are highly valued in the market, so you can achieve significant pay relatively little experience.Individual must be dynamic, autonomous, proactive, high capacity for interpersonal relationships and good communicator. The average salary for a profile with two years of experience is located in the 24,000 euros.Could be increased when the candidate provides the knowledge of a foreign language (especially English).

6.Telecommunications Engineering degree. Telecommunications engineers are also on the list of most sought after professionals, as their work is linked to the development of new technologies of information and communication. These professionals can work on the Internet, telephone, computer, television as well as consultancies, companies related to antennas, electronics, traffic control ground and air, etc.. With a year of experience these professionals can reach 25,000 euros. As is the case with other qualifications, the more experience and skills that can make the candidate more attractive salaries.

7. Chemistry. demand for these graduates is linked mainly to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, environmental, biochemical, nutritional, hydrological, etc.. These professionals can work in research and development laboratories in water treatment plants, in controlling water purges urban and industrial waste in developing projects for application in chemical industry.the salary for a professional two years of experience is around 24,000 euros.

8. Right. still a career with many job opportunities. His experience will largely determine the salary to which this professional can access, although for a graduate with three years of experience is between 25,000 to 30,000 euros on average. A candidate who access a firm has a career plan very well structured in which the wage is around 40,000 with five years experience.

9. Medicine. Spanish society has a deficit of active physicians will be increased in the coming years as the number of annual enrollment is insufficient to meet this demand.Professionals in this area should be entitled not only approved, but must demonstrate a great capacity for dedication and vocation. The greatest employment opportunities are in certain specialties, such as family, work, etc.

10. Road Engineering. titled This is dedicated to the public works (roads, bridges, dams, etc..) and planning, study, design, construction, operation and maintenance in public administration and construction companies and consultants. His career is often linked to the beginning of his career to smaller firms, but increases average experience is also common for companies to jump higher volume. ‘s high liability they face in their daily work they can do salaries reach between 32,000 and 35,000 euros with two years experience. This is a title with a very planned career development for positions and with a very clear set of requirements: experience, English proficiency or willingness to travel (as many of them end up working in multinational or even can become expatriates). A middle manager with five years experience and demonstrated competence as a manager of teams can reach 50,000 euros gross per year.