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Searching for the best vacuum cleaner which is suited for your type of home and personal needs is not so difficult if you know exactly what to lookout for. There are plenty of good quality vacuum manufacturers, and several hundred different models and ranges to choose from. It’s just a case of thinking about the layout of your home.

Are there large expanses of wall to wall carpeting? Which type of carpets have you got – short pile or deep pile? Have you stairs or other smaller more awkward areas to vacuum in your home? Are you elderly or a rather fit individual, where you could easily carry the vacuum cleaner upstairs as you clean?

If you live in a spacious open plan style home then it is wise to purchase an upright vacuum because it will be easier for you to use, as you simply switch on and then move the vacuum forwards and backwards cleaning your carpets as you go. For this type of large area vacuuming you probably need a vacuum cleaner which has a powerful motor driven brush to dislodge dust and dirt which is ingrained in your carpets ready for the suction power to lift it out, while gently refurbishing your carpet pile.

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But upright vacuums can be quite bulky to manoeuvre around your home so it’s wise to purchase a lightweight or small vacuum cleaner with good ‘ease of use’ features, as this will make your cleaning rituals a little easier on you.

On the other hand, if you live in a smaller dwelling like an apartment/flat, or a home which has many smaller more awkward areas like stairs or narrow recesses to clean – then a canister vacuum would be more suited for your vacuuming purposes. They are normally compact, lightweight and can be navigated to any area of your home with ease. The long vacuuming wand is in front of you and you pull the vacuum behind you as you clean. Nothing can be simpler and you can easily carry this type of cylinder vacuum cleaner upstairs to clean your bedrooms.

Tiled or hard flooring does not really need a motorised revolving brush roll. You never want to use a powered motor floor head for hard flooring or you could end up damaging the floor surface. When vacuuming both carpeting and hard flooring, be sure the vacuum you choose includes a power brush roll that can be operated by an on/off switch. Some advanced vacuums automatically switch settings to whatever floor you happen to be vacuuming as the machine includes computer sensors inside which do all the thinking for you.

Choosing a vacuum cleaner for those with respiratory allergies is quite easy if you follow these simple guides. This is all about H.E.P.A. filtration because most of the vacuum cleaners available do include H.E.P.A. ‘High Efficiency Particulate Air/Arrest’ filters and Hygienic dust bags which are the two main methods of protection to allergy and asthma sufferers, apart from high quality sealing of the vacuum body construction.

H.E.P.A. filtration traps pollen, mould, pet dander, dust, smoke and most unhealthy indoor household dust and allergens. H.E.P.A. filter systems are only as efficient as the vacuum cleaner surrounding it which means that the best H.E.P.A. vacuum should have a completely sealed container to make sure that no unhealthy air can escape. This method results in providing you with very healthy, clean and hygienic air to breathe.

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