Hotel Management Careers

Hotel Management Careers


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Selecting the best Career

Travel is a growing industry that offers many exciting careers. Lodging is among the biggest companies in the travel industry and offers many academic, internship and ratification possibilities for execs following a

job in hostels

. Hotel staff can rise to management thru formal education requiring degrees in management or thru vocational coaching followed up by experience.

Hotel Management Programs

An AHM, associate degree in hotel management, takes around eighteen months to finish from the standard hotel or motel management college. After completing this course successfully, graduates with an AHM degree are able to work with any big or tiny company around the globe in an entry-level management post with hostels, motels, and restaurants . Hotel management scholars will have communications, general studies, and English as their combo subjects while taking up a business course in hotel management. Most hotel management college also provide hands-on experience and practical projects for their scholars.


A BHM, Bachelor of Hotel Management degree, can be superb for those looking for advancement in their already established careers in hotel management. By getting a BHM, scholars will be prepared for heading towards the higher degrees of the industry in specialised areas like business accounting, food and beverage services, accommodations, promoting hospitality services, and human resources amongst others.

An MHM, Master of Hotel and Motel Management degree, offers master in selling, entrepreneurship, operations management, info systems management, and property and investment. The MHM degree in any of these areas can certainly help the scholars in appearing for and achieving higher-level positions in the hotel and motel management Industry.

An MS, Master of Science Programme , takes about twelve to eighteen months to permit hospitality execs to resume their careers in an educational or research setting.

The CTE courses in Hospitality Management, Hospitality Services and Hotel or Motel Promoting offer documentation from State Occupational Competency Testing Institute and the North American Hotel & Lodging organisation.


Chiefs are accountable for all facets of the hotel, including purchaser service, food quality, catering, and hotel supplies. The boss also looks after the scheduling and meeting planning, valet and transport services and all of the special services provided to the esteemed guests and visitors. the executive has a major role and responsibility in keeping up to the reputation and name of the hotel or motel by managing the remainder of the staff efficiently. The responsibility of hiring, coaching, and supervising other members of the staff is given to an aid executive who co-ordinates with the general chief. He also schedules working shifts and allots duties to his subordinates. Writing reports, dealing with the sellers, and coordinating varied events also come under the control of aid executives.


Hotel and motel management executives enjoy discount rates in travel and lodging comforts. This may be particularly engaging for people that love traveling. Besides, though the original stage may need lots of struggle and difficult work, when you have reached a higher position, you can earn lots of cash as perks excluding your ordinary salary. In addition, the hotel industry is often linked with plenty of glamor, which also draws many scholars to choose

hotel management

career. The job itself involves some general facilities like lodging, food, parking and other services. In addition, some hostels even provide academic help and profit sharing plans to their workers.

Ranks & Salaries

The different managerial positions in a hotel or motel start from executive housekeepers to front office chiefs, food and libation executive, and convention service executive. These are all ranks of an helper boss who co-ordinates with the general manger.

The wages of the cribs rely on the responsibility and segment of the hotel they are working for. Overall, it is sort of a profitable Industry with opportunities of earning up to 25% bonus on the basic wages.

Job Wants

The primary segment of your career can be quite busy, and you might want to clean dishes and do other similar chores. The job involves plenty of patience, energy, good communication talents, and fast wittedness to take on tricky circumstances, and handling different shoppers. There’s no express work agenda as the hotel industry works fulltime.

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Different Types Of Kuala Lumpur Accommodation

By Robert Corter

Kuala Lumpur is a place for all types of vacationer. Whether you want to spend a relaxing evening in a great hotel with the nice view of the city or would want to save up your accommodation budget for your shopping spree, there will be an available Kuala Lumpur Accommodation for you. Kuala Lumpur is a city that can be enjoyed by vacationers coming from all walks of life.

If you are considering getting a Luxury Kuala Lumpur Accommodation, you should first consider the exact location in the city where would you want to stay. Since it is obvious that you have no constraints with regard to your budget, getting the best hotel your money can buy should be your top priority. Another thing you should consider is what type of activities you plan to do while you are staying in Kuala Lumpur, this way you would know which areas will be accessible for your need.


The Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) has many first class hotels. Most of these hotels are world renowned; you can expect that the service is really great, the accommodation will be fascinating and the facilities are of international standard. They are also expected to have nice interiors, breath-taking views and have contemporary structure. This area is located nearby a lot of embassies, entertainment and amusement complex and businesses. The Petronas Tower is a few steps away from the district. Some of the place that you can visit if you decided to stay here are the Petronas Philharmonic Hall, the mammoth shopping areas randomly distributed all around the place, an aquarium and a huge city park.

The Golden Triangle also offers a lot of luxury hotels with great accommodation. Bukit Bintang, a very important component of the Golden Triangle, is swarming with many world class hotels that is sure to meet your standard. Themed hotels are among the famous in Bukit Bintang. Since Kuala Lumpur is a place of the Kings, there are many hotels with themes that revolve around the idea of royalty and monarchy.

If you have a limited budget, budgeted Kuala Lumpur Accommodation can be your choice. There are many hotels that offer accommodation in very affordable packages. Most of the hotels are very accommodating that you can ask them to create a package that will suit your budget. Whatever your limitations are, they can design a package that will suit you right. The no-frills hotels are among the most affordable that you can get. If your intention is to use your room just to sleep at night, getting rooms from hotels that offers transient stay can be one of your options. However, since these are low-budgeted rooms, you cannot expect niceties like soap, towels and hair dryers. TV, fridge and telephone is also out of the question. All these sacrifices will be worth it as you can save your money to buy the good finds that you can get from bargain stores and bazaars that Kuala Lumpur is popular for.

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