Buying Used Cars Tips from the Car Dealers


Stelle Courney

In haggling for a price of a used car, you do not begin with your maximum budget as the bidding amount. You should always start bidding low to give you and the dealer some room to negotiate. The first bid will almost always be rejected by the car dealer. In order to get the best offer, go for the wholesale price.

When you are bidding, you should always start from 20% less of your budget. Just make sure that your budget fits the car you are eyeing. Before bidding for price, give the dealer a price range for your budget. They will mostly show you cars on the high end of the price range. As much as possible, lower your price range in order to see what cars you can really afford.


Aside from knowing how to negotiate for the price, you should also know where to get your used cars. The most obvious choice is to go to a used car dealer. Used car dealers search high and low for used cars. Some car owners sometimes even present their old cars to the dealers and let them deal with it. If you want numerous options, this is the place to go.

Another place where you can get affordable used cars in Toronto

is by joining car auctions. Here, the cars that will be auctioned will be presented to the public before hand. From then on, you can do a bit of research about the cars being auctioned so you will not be clueless on the day itself. Just remember to stay on budget.

You can view the schedule of car auctions in websites and in your local news papers. Most often, the auction scheduled is displayed on the Sunday edition when a lot of people read the newspaper. Most of the times, you can save more in buying used cars in Toronto

through the auctions than through car dealers.

If you happen to pass by private owners of used cars in Toronto

, you might just have yourself a deal. You might not have a lot of options but they are easier to deal with compared to car dealers. Just make sure you have a mechanic with you to check the vehicle for often, you will buy in an as-is-where-is basis.

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