Some Ideas For Organizing Clothes In Your Closet

By Johanna Magnusson

Blouses, suits, dresses, skirts, t-shirts, pants, shawls – all in a mess. How do you find your clothes in a flash when you must leave the house in a hurry? Let me share a few different ways to organize your clothes.

By color is one way to organize. Put all the red blouses with red pants and skirts; all the blue tops with blue bottoms and blue sweaters. If you have all your clothes separated out by color it could make it very quick to find things, because you know exactly where they are. Not much thinking – when you are looking for a certain garment you just head straight for that color area of the closet.


By type of garment is another way to do it. Keep all the blouses and tops together, all the pants in one area, all dresses in one place, etc. This approach works for the woman who gets dressed by first selecting a favorite pair of pants, then moving to the blouse section of the closet to choose a top to wear with them. Having everything of one type of clothing together can make it very easy to find things, if that fits the routine by which you get dressed in the morning.

Another way, which requires more time and planning in the beginning though it saves time later, is to organize things by outfit ensembles. Spend a Sunday afternoon to go through all you clothes and put together outfits of suitable garments that go together. Grab a business suit and find all the basic blouses that go with it, and hang those together. Then grab a skirt and select the tops that match it, and keep those next to each other in your closet. Find the tops that go well with your favorite jeans, and place those near them. Work out all the ensembles you can create with your clothes, and keep those matching garments next to each other in your closet as pre-arranged outfits. This way you can find the outfits already there without having to think too much when you are tired in the morning; you can leave the house very swiftly and be confident that you look great.

Also, a simple way is to arrange all your clothes by work clothes, casual clothes, and party clothes. When it’s time to work, you simply go to that area of your closet and find your business suits, basic white blouses and other professional attire. When it’s a day off or time to play, you go to the closet area with the casual clothes. It wastes time to have your clothes mixed up. And for the party clothes, well that’s easy, keep them all in one place and you’ll find them quickly even when someone calls you up to join a party last minute.

The whole point is to arrange things in a way so you can see what you have and find it easily. The lighting in your closet may also be a factor, especially if you have a lot of black. The time it takes to organize will be saved ten-fold or more; once you have arranged your clothes a certain way, keep them that way. Some women have a gorgeous garment in their closet that they’ve never worn, simply because it’s not easily accessible. They may even have forgotten that they bought it. Looking great is not just about shopping for the right items, but also arranging them at home with the other clothes you already have so you can create good outfits and ensembles – and being able to find them quickly. The woman who says: ‘I don’t want to go out, because I don’t know what to wear’, perhaps just needs to get her closet organized.

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Get The Word Out On Bridal Shower Favors

By Cherri Sheldon

Youve finally taken the leap and built that fun, fabulous business in bridal shower favors youve been dreaming about for fun, fabulous females like yourself. Now its just a matter of letting your business grow and prosper enough to reach the far-flung corners of cyberspace. Savvy marketing is what you need, and getting it done will open doors for you.

Knowing Your Market

Of course, in order to market, you have to


your market. Suffice to say, you need to determine your target market before you can attempt to put the word out on your bridal shower favors. After all, you need to very specific in marketing your product.

For a business specializing in bridal shower favors, your target market is likely women in their 20s to 30s, and maybe some in their 40s and 50s. These are women with friends, families, and colleagues that are about to become brides; hence, the bridal shower. Favors are an additional treat that bring life and fun into the bridal shower party.


Reaching Your Market

Once youve determined your target market, you now have to be able to reach them and make the presence of your bridal shower favors known.

As with every small business, your first marketing strategy is through word of mouth. Your women friends can spread the word to their women friends and so forth, so all the women in your network will be turning to you for bridal shower favors.

The World Wide Web is probably the most powerful tool you can possibly utilize to market you product. With so many women online nowadays, a well-placed ad or link to your website of bridal shower favors can bring many businesses your way. Your best option is to get affiliated with websites dedicated to brides, wedding planning, and even wedding dresses. A catchy banner ad for bridal shower favors will pique any womans interest, so itll be worth the investment.

Satisfying Your Market

Of course, once you have the public eating off the palm of your hands, doesnt mean you have to stop there. You have to stand out and beat the competition, so keeping your client base is essential.

Seek to continually improve your bridal shower favors. Go beyond the usual party hats, confetti, and sexy streamers. These days, more and more women are embracing their sexuality, so throw in a naughty, little sex toy for added fun. Keep it discreet, however. You dont want to alienate your more conservative clients. Make your bridal shower favors adaptable. Also, whatever improvements you make on your cache of bridal shower favors, make sure your clients know about it through newsletters and email updates, and they will keep coming back for more.

Indeed, with the right attitude and considerable effort, youll find that you can use marketing to your advantage. Bringing in business and keeping that business should be your top priority. Soon enough, youll find that your fun, fabulous bridal shower favors is dominating every fun, fabulous bridal shower there is.

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