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Bradley commercial bathroom fixtures enable contractors to fully equip restrooms of any size and type. XPB Locker Supply carries a full selection of both Division 10 and Division 22 products. Multiple mounting configurations accommodate both remodeling projects and new constructions. Many products can also be customized to accommodate unique restroom interiors. ADA restroom floor plans can be accommodated with fixtures that are manufactured with accessibility foremost in mind.

Our selection of Division 22 products is carefully inventoried to ensure that contractors can pass value on to their clients on multiple levels. Bradley commercial lavatories are manufactured from new materials that are easy to clean, vandal resistant, and characterized by new aesthetics that make them appropriate for a broad range of restroom interiors. Commercial faucets feature new touch free mechanisms for water conservation that eliminate the need to handle surface areas that could pass on germs. Water metering prevents wastage by automatically shutting off the faucet after a predetermined period of time.

Wash fountains offer even more value for industrial, transportation, educational, and commercial facilities. These multi-user commercial bathroom fixtures are manufactured in a number of configurations that allow contractors to mount them in corners, along walls, or in the center of the restroom. This makes it possible to bid remodels, reconstructions, and new constructions with a product that is designed to save floor space, protect user hygiene with touch free operation, and conserve water by utilizing a single plumbing connection to service up to eight users at once, depending on the model.


Our selection of Division 10 products is inventoried to fully accessorize any restroom, of any size, in any building type. Bradley partitions rank among some of the most important commercial bathroom fixtures we sell. Contractors can meet the needs of their clients with a wide range of material options that allow for cost-effectiveness to be balanced with long-term durability, vandal resistance, and a superior look. Four different mounting positions allow contractors to build stalls that are space efficient and easy to clean.

Grab bars can also be ordered in custom configurations by contractors in charge of building ADA compliant commercial bathrooms. Our selection of grab bars feature rear wall and side wall mounting for toilet stalls as well as grab bars for showers. Bars are available in all the length and weight capacity requirements stated by codes that regulate commercial bathroom fixture codes for handicapped restroom designs.

Other Division 10 products sold through XPB Locker Supply include a full assortment of commercial restroom equipment that are intended to provide users with full convenience on every level. These accessories include, but are not limited to, paper towel dispensers, waste receptacles, mirrors, shelves, medicine cabinets, restroom vending machines, and toilet paper dispensers.

Contractors have the option to purchase commercial bathroom fixtures individually in order to accommodate the full gamut of restroom design specifications. However, if space is limited, or if an exceptionally unique interior architecture is called for, XPB Locker Supply has a full inventory of multipurpose dispensers as well. We also carry several lines of the new generation of hand dryers, one of which is energy star rated, for businesses looking to bolster their environmentally friendly image by eliminating paper towel waste altogether.

Call XPB Locker Supply now for more information on specific products ideally suited to remodeling projects, reconstruction efforts, and new restroom construction.

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