Direct Sales Jewelry: The Cookie Lee Jewelry Opportunity



Cookie Lee jewelry and accessories are made with contemporary and classic design. Its sales catalog displays unique and affordable jewelry collection. If you become a consultant in this particular jewelry brand, you will definitely enjoy the benefits of working even at home and achieve financial freedom. You can sell and present the products to the buyers at whatever strategy you think is lucrative and earn commissions.

Cookie Lee Jewelries are unique, fashionable and trendy and most of all, affordable and will perfectly match any age group. With the wide range of choices offered, women and even men will definitely have unlimited lineup of fashion jewelries. Because jewelries are women s best friend, they never cease to look for what s new and what s the hottest. This is why Cookie Lee is always on the go to provide the ever changing demands and tastes of buyers. There are lots of brands that cater equally elegant jewels. But quality-wise, Cookie Lee collection is one the best options.


In addition to fashion, these accessories are designed to match and perfectly fit any wardrobe and any occasion. So anyone who wants to stand out from the crowd can use them to add class and attitude to their persona. Whatever the occasion, there is an ideal jewelry piece that will suit the needs. Whether it is for fun outdoors, business functions, weddings, night outs, whatever it is, there are lots of available jewelry that will complement your taste.

More than just style and fashion, Cookie Lee offers good business opportunity to women who wanted to earn, own their own business, while just staying at home with the kids. If you are not familiar with this but you are interested in becoming a sales representative, this article will give you a basic overview of what you can get and the advantages of owning your own jewelry business. If you become a sales representative, you can earn 50% of every item that you can sell. This is very lucrative and this is the reason why more and more are taking part of this profitable business opportunity.

Before becoming an independent sales rep, you will have to pay an initial startup cost and you have to purchase $300 worth of products a year, which is $25 a month. And after that, you can sell as much as you want or you can host as many shows as you want. This greatly depends on how much you are willing to shell out and how much you are willing to earn. Typically, an average show is said to sell about $400-$500. However, your sale will depend on how good are you at selling and marketing.

In addition, Cookie Lee jewelry consultants can also earn 50% on building recruits. This means that, the more people you are going to recruit, the more your down line will be and the more you will earn. However, a drawback at this setup is that since the products are bought beforehand, many will be unable to financially start up the business. But if you already are an established sales rep and you already have large inventory, there is no need for a minimum requirement for sales or the number of recruits to hold because you already have established your business and it is up to you to allow it to grow and expand more.

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