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I can see you all now, frantically clicking to find out more because you re confused. Your whole life you were brought up to believe that being safe is the least risky option but business now days have taken up all the safe options. What does this mean? It means that if you re safe, you will be like most businesses out there, and if they re established and you re new, then you are screwed. It is becoming more and more necessary to be a business with an edge as time goes on. As Seth Godin says in his book Purple Cow , you have to be remarkable to be successful.

Wondering what I mean? Well sit back and have a think about it. Every product that has been thoroughly successful has been remarkable in some way. Google was so successful because it is one of the simplest search engines in the world. Yahoo too was once as popular as Google but now, if you go to and take a look at how many words they have on the home page, you will see why they have diminishing popularity. They know they made a mistake so they are trying to justify it with Now although remarkable things can happen at such a large level, they can also happen in a small way. I m not one to follow a routine, but every Saturday I go to a nice little sushi restaurant. Why? Because the guy is so nice! On top of this, I get free extra soy sauce packets. Although this will cost him like 5 cents extra, he gets an extra $6 NZD a week because of it. This doesn t sound like much, but add up all his regulars over a year s time and BAM. Another example would be at a corner store I used to not go to. The first time I went, the guy recommended some other brand of milk which I missed and was a LOT cheaper than the supermarket version (obviously it was a local brand). Although he made less profit because of this, he made another regular customer.


The same motif of remarkable products also follows online marketing. You will see boring generic marketing pages which although one of the millions will be successful, the rest of them won t be. The more out there marketers are, the more attention they will get. If you don t offend at least one level of people, then you won t be successful. In saying this, don t offend everyone because then you won t get anywhere! The idea of being remarkable needs to be followed in any area of business if you want to be successful. Get out a pen and paper and start thinking about other products that are successful and have a think about what made them remarkable. The more you do this, the faster you will be able to recognize remarkable products, and the faster you will be able to make your idea remarkable.

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