How To Use A Pen Drive As Ram?

How to use a pen drive as RAM?


Bella S Martin

RAM is the acronym of Random Access Memory. Most of the people know that RAM plays a very vital role in the proper functioning of computer. It is also known as the working memory of computer. RAM is volatile in nature i.e. it stores the data until computer is energized constantly and when power supply is terminated it will loose all the data. You have noticed that your computer sometime don t let you opens application due to scarcity of RAM and even show annoying messages Computer Virtual memory is too low .This problem even doesn t let you work on multiple tabs and slow down your computer speed. You can eliminate this problem by utilizing the space available as RAM. In this article I will let you know about the procedure to change the functioning of RAM.

1.Switch on your computer and wait for completion of booting period.

2.Plug your Pen drive/Flash drive into the USB port and scan your pen drive for detecting harmful malwares, spywares and viruses. It is always recommended to scan external drive before using the data stored in the pen drive.

3.For utilizing the Pen drive storage space as RAM you have to format the Pen drive by following the steps mentioned as :


Make a right click on the plugged pen drive name in my computer.

Click on Format option available in the context menu.

Select the file allocation and then click on Quick Format option.

After completion of process you will get a confirmation message that your Pen drive is completely formatted.

4.Now make a right click on My computer icon available on your desktop and select the Properties option from the context menu.

5.Then new window will appear on your screen, click on the Advance tab and select Settings under the option present in the Performance tab.

6.Make a click on the Advanced tab again and select the change button to configure the Virtual memory settings.

7.Select your Pen drive s name and select the tab for System Managed size and select the Set button .Then according to your need assign the size of pen drive you want to allot computer to use it as CPU.

8.Now click OK to save the changes and restart your computer to make changes take affect.

Thus by following the above procedure you can utilize the space available in your pen drive as Virtual RAM. The above mentioned procedure is applicable on Windows 7,Windows Vista operating system. Their may be slight changes in Windows XP but by putting little effort you can make it work as RAM. If you have any query regarding the procedure or want help to solve computer issues then you can contact 1-855-352-1816. For enhancing the performance of you can use computer maintenance tools. Some of the well renowned companies like Impcsupport provide online technical support for all computer problems.

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Lightweight Folding Bike Folding Bicycle Delivers Maximum Convenience!

Lightweight Folding Bike Folding Bicycle Delivers Maximum Convenience! by Paul Pinigis

There are people who suffered from theft of their bike and they have felt very annoyed. And there are also people who were in a hurry to reach for the office but all of sudden they found that their bike has got punctured and they were not even able to carry it so that a technician can fix it. Well, all these problems can occur when you have a traditional model bike. But to end these issues, lightweight folding bike is announced for the market. As this is a lightweight model, you can always expect to carry it even to the office or to the apartment. And as this is a folding bike, you can also fold into small size and kept it in a corner at home or office where space is a big problem. No matter what sort of need you have in mind, folding bicycle can always meet your requirements in the best possible manner. However, the prime objective of the bicycle is still maintained with this folded version. This folding bicycle is designed to make commuting easier for you. Whether you are going to office or you wish to spend some time with friends while riding the bicycle, you can take it for just anywhere without any worry. And the most important thing is that you can even fold this bicycle and carry it in bus or train in a more convenient way. This is surely not possible with your conventional bicycle that you already have at home. When you are looking at the lightweight folding bike segment, you can find that in last twenty years or so, these bikes have covered a long journey. There are some major differences you can find with the initial and latest models of folding bicycle. Several modifications and additions are done in order to make these bikes more acceptable among cycling enthusiasts. These days, people love to go for cycling. This type of activity can deliver great health benefits and people know this very well. Due to this reason, they prefer to have a lightweight folding bike at their disposal. On the other hand, folding bicycle coming to the market these days are equipped with a wide range of features, ride control options and comfortable seating arrangement. Due to this reason, these bikes are also drawing most attention out there. But the most important fact is what we are still missing. Its the folding ability of the bike that has really managed to drive a huge attention for these items. As these bicycles can be folded, you can easily keep them at such place where you dont have much space. People who live in apartments may not have the facility to keep their bikes in garage. Well, for them folding bicycle is the best option. It can be carried in the life or through stairs even when you are living at the fourth or fifth floor. This is how the lightweight folding bike has managed to deliver a great convenience for its users.

Lightweight Folding Bike has now acquired some new designs and styles. However, the common objective behind designing such folding bicycle is still drawing most attentions.Article Source:


Iffco Tokio Car Insurance As Important As Accessories

IFFCO Tokio Car Insurance As Important As Accessories


Sanjeev Kmr

There are many companies making cars all over the world and the cars made by Japanese companies are considered the best in the world and most Japanese too own cars not as a luxury item but as a necessity. To make it safe the IFFCO Tokio car insurance company is the one approached most of the time by Japanese. It makes their car safe no doubt as usual. But not all are happy with making the car they buy safe they would like to make it more useful and for it they would add some accessories. Thus the market for accessories has become a fast growing one.

The vehicles like cars and trucks do not come with any kinds of accessories. But you need to buy them according to your need like you need to buy insurance cover from a well known company. The IFFCO Tokio motor plan coverage or IFFCO Tokio auto insurance can help you get the insurance you require according to your need. Of course coming back to accessories seeing the needs of people nowadays some vehicles do have some accessories fitted in them but most of the time it is not so. These are to be bought according to your needs and fancy because not all of them may be really necessary.

Accessories for More Popular Models Are Easily Available


There are some vehicles that are more popular models than the others. Accessories for these models may be more easily available than the other models that are less known or used. The cars and trucks that are commonly used have more than five hundred kinds of accessories. They would be of use or only decorative pieces but all the same they will be bought according to people fancy more than their use.

Ford is a car company that is making many kinds of models in cars and pickup vans. The company that make the car accessories like bed rails, cargo rack, etc. that are more of a necessity than a luxury. Some of the accessories may not be required but they may enhance the overall look of the car or your pickup van. This way the pickup van which is rented may get more customers. You can name more than five hundred such items that come under the category of accessories and most of them have found their way to the vehicles and their market is growing as more and more people want to make their vehicle look different and unique.

The business of these accessories actually seems to be started in California in a small way and today it has a big market all over the world and it is still growing with new ideas creeping in according to the needs and fancies of the people involved in it. Adding accessories makes you car more comfortable as well it gives a better look just by spending a little more.

As people do not mind spending a little on IFFCO Tokio car insurance to make themselves safe so too they do not hesitate to empty their pockets a little more on accessories which may be a onetime expense or may be needed to buy often. Anyway the attraction to buy these items will never wane as long as new ideas are poured into making them and they help in enhancing the looks of the cars.

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