How To Uninstall Tuneup Utilities On Windows

Tuneup utilities for windows 10were developed by AVG to make the computer accelerate faster than ever before by cleaning up the cache files and the undesired files. However the concept didn’t work well and users are trying to uninstall this software, as it is reducing the speed of the system.

Steps to uninstall Tuneup utilities on Windows:

Part1: Uninstall the Tuneup activities:

  1. Rebooting of your personal computer to safe mode: This fundamental aspect of rebooting your personal computer is to make sure that no other tuneup utilities are running at the time of installing the window.
  • While rebooting the computer makes sure that you are holding the F8 key and holding it until and unless you see the advanced startup menu appear on the screen.
  • Choose the “Safe mode networking” option. This will ensure that the window starts with a web connection, which is required to download the extra and additional removing tools required for uninstalling the tuneup utility for windows.
  1. Administrator Login: This administration login option acts as a favorable outcome while your computer is in safe mode and the window has incorporated this administrator login for this factor.
  1. Control panel setup: The next step makes it sure that you go into the control panel and from here you will get to see the “Add and Remove option”.
  2. For Windows 8 users they can use the shortcut keys of “CTRL + X” and choose the control panel option.
  1. Click the “Program and Features” option if you are a Windows XP user and go ahead by selecting the “Add or Remove program”.
  2. Select the “Tuneup utilities” from the drop-down menu option which shows the installed software on your computer.
  3. Now you will get to see the uninstall option and press on the “Uninstall” option. You will get to see prompts appearing on the screen go ahead by clicking Ok.

Part 2: Cleaning up the tuneup activities after Uninstalling

  1. First of all, to clean up the stubborn files from your computer you need to install a powerful tool to remove those stubborn files. The better recommendation is to install the famous and efficient Revo Uninstaller Pro.
  2. Remember that the Revo pro version is a subscription tool that is available for a demo version for a stipulated timeline.
  3. Begin with the installation of the Revo pro version and simultaneously click on the button which represents the “Long Database option”. This option is excluded from the Windows freeware version.
  1. Now all you need to do is to find the “Tuneup Utilities for 2014” in the searching option.
  2. Now after you get to see the Tuneup Utilities for 2014 stubborn files, which are degrading the speed of the computer, select the uninstall option.

After you are done with the un-installation option, now the main focus that you need as a user to do is to maintain the prevention of the Tuneup Utilities to not get reinstalled in your computer again. This is termed as the third layer of protection for maintaining the speed of your computer.

Part 3: Future reinstallation prevention process of Tuneup Utilities 2014

  1. The most fundamental aspect of deleting software permanently from your computer is to read all the instructions given carefully.
  2. While your internet data is on, this unwanted Tuneup utilities can get installed side by side with any other application as well as software.
  3. You will get to see the installer leaving the box checked and this allows the tuneup utilities to get installed once again.
  1. At times this option gets hidden into the custom setting option.
  2. As we have said, reading the instructions carefully will allow you to get verification about the unwanted software’s getting installed on your computer.
  3. Once you detect any unpleasant code running in your system, please make sure about the content and in case if you find it as a threat then remove it from the control panel.
  4. Remember that you must not select the installation which represents “Express”. This express installation is the hub of the unwanted files which are hidden under the Express installation.

So as a user, get rid of the Tuneup utility, download the best Tuneup for windows. We have arranged the names of the best Tuneup for windows. Here is the list, check it out:

  • PCkeeper life
  • LoLo System Mechanic
  • Anvisoft booster for cloud system
  • Glary Utilities Pro

This software, if downloaded by users will carry out the responsibility for computer errors and enhance the speed of the computer to a greater extent.

Now, talking about the best cleaner for windows, we have also arranged a sequentially placed best cleaner for windows for you. So check them out:

  • Storage Sense, which is available for free as a built-in cleaner.
  • Disk Cleanup
  • CCleaner
  • Avast Cleanup
  • Advanced systems carefree

So have given you a detailed scope based on the most important factors to make your computer work amazingly fast. Follow our instructions and see the outcomes. If you have any suggestions or questions, feel free to mention them in the comments section below.

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