Whole Life Insurance All Times Are Good Times For Investments In The Life Insurance Policy

By Walter Smith

Sometimes some senior citizens believe that they have lived their life and now they do not need to invest in any of the life insurance policy. But this thinking and attitude is not right. When you meet and have a thorough discussion with the life insurance agent then you will find that how important it is to invest in the life insurance policy where age should not be an issue. There are various life insurance policies where you can invest even if you are in your 50’s and even if you have crossed 50’s. Even the elderly people will have to think about their future. Sometimes what happens is they think that they have fulfilled their responsibilities and that their children have completed their studies and now they are well settled in their lives. Their children may or even may not think about the requirements of the elderly parents. Then who will take care of all the expenses which they need? Do they have sufficient amount so that they can lead their further life easily? In some cases the answer may be yes and in some cases the answer may be no. Then what? The senior people have to consider these questions and then they will easily make their mind to invest in any of the life insurance policy so that they do not have to depend on any body for the luxuries in the old age. Obviously they would not be happy if their children’s life is getting disturbed because of their growing expenses. At the age of retirement they will not be able to earn anything and that they will only spend. They may need money for the medicines, newspaper, groceries and many more luxuries. So in this case if they have invested in the life insurance policy where they can get benefit even in their retirement age, then this would be the best solution to all the questions which may arise in their mind.

Their children will their own expenses and responsibilities. They have to think about the educational expenses of their growing children. Then they will not be able to take care of the expenses of the parents. Or even if one of the partners expires, then the other will have to suffer. Especially, if the husband expires then the old wife will have to go through the entire trauma mentally and financially. So it is always a wise decision to invest in the life insurance policy to avoid all these unpredicted incidents. Even I had not invested in any of the life insurance policy until and unless I saw my friend struggling for finances after his retirement. He had two sons. They both were very well settled in their business but they least bothered about their parents. Though they were very rich but they never were anxious to know how their parents were making in their life without sufficient finances. It was then I realized that even I might have to face the same situation after my retirement and then I immediately made a meeting with a financial advisor and invested in the Life insurance policy for over 50’s so that I could lead my life peacefully thereafter.


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Is Global Warming Really Happening?

By Darlene Berkel

There are still some people out there who refuse to believe that global warming is happening. Even some supposedly educated scientists still say that global warming is not happening, and that the way humans are treating the environment will not contribute to the destruction of the planet.

How Can You Say Global Warming is Not Happening?

You do not need to have a degree to know if global warming is happening or not. Nor do you need to study the huge number of white papers and reports where scientists discuss the state of the environment. Al you need to do is watch the changes to the climate in your local area to see that the world overall is getting hotter.


Note that for the past several years, the glaciers around the planet have been melting due to extreme heat. According to studies, about 84% the glaciers in the Antarctic have shown signs of melting in the past 50 years due to warmer climate. On the other hand, the Peruvian Andes which have always been known for its great glacier caps have been reported to be melting really fast for the past 50 years due to warmer weather. Given the fact that the glaciers in many parts of the world are melting due to warmer weather, one cannot really say in all honesty that there is no global warming.

What Can You Do To Prevent It?

Everyone can do something to help prevent global warming. One of the best things to do is plant trees the trees will reduce the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Since greenhouse gases are one of the primary causes of global warming, reducing the amount of carbon dioxide will have a big benefit, and will stop the earth from warming up even further.

Beyond planting trees, anything you can do to reduce fuel consumption will help walk, cycle or use public transport instead of driving everywhere. Turn off appliances when they are not in use insulate your house and turn the thermostat down a little during the winter, and consider using renewable energy whenever possible. Also, don’t commit things to landfill when they could be recycled.

Small lifestyle changes may not seem like a big deal, but if you persuade others to make small changes as well, then together, we can have a big impact. We all have a part to play. Let’s start today!

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Skid Steer Concrete Mixer Drums

By Camille Howe

Concrete Mixer Drums are skid steer attachments that look remarkably similar to the cement mixers we often see on the back of ready mix trucks. Although much smaller and lighter than their heavy-duty counterparts, there are times when these small skid-steer attachments perform even more effectively than large mixing trucks and ready mix services. Skid-steer rotating drum mixers provide construction crews with a cost-effective, time-efficient alternative to reliance on third party ready mix companies by allowing them to mix concrete on the spot whenever they choose to do so.

This is proving increasingly valuable to construction companies all over the country, because it gets more difficult as time passes to find ready mix companies that are willing to deliver anything less than a full truckload of concrete. Rising fuel costs have forced these companies to require minimum volume purchases, and if they do deliver less than the required minimum, the price is significantly higher than the normal yardage price.

Many work crews have resorted to manually mixing and transporting concrete in wheel barrels. This is costly, slow, and labor intensive. Drum mixers can do the job much more quickly than workers can manually, and using an Easy Rack Concrete Mixer Drum is much more ergonomic and accurate than manually dumping concrete out of a wheelbarrow.


This saves valuable time which is often wasted waiting for ready mix trucks to arrive, and it saves money that often has to go toward overtime payroll, or is put toward the cost of inflated ready mix pricing and minimum purchase requirements. With concrete mixer drums, workers can make their own concrete on the spot whenever necessary, mix only the amount they require at the time, and rapidly move and pour it into place without spillage or waste of raw materials.

Easy Rack concrete drum mixers weigh only 225 lbs. when empty and can mix 6 cubic feet of concrete at a time. Hydraulic requirements for rotating drums range between 8 and 10 GPM. The size, weight, and capacity of the Easy Rack Concrete Mixer Drum make it a perfect fit for almost any skid-steer loader. It combines the simplicity of a very basic design with rugged engineering and material build. The Concrete Mixer Drum can be used in any terrain or climate and will quickly prove itself as one of your most reliable pieces of equipment.

The drum mixer is rotated by an independent hydraulic motor that mounts externally to the skid-steer through an extra heavy duty carrier bearing. This rugged bearing performs two important functions. It carries the load safely from point to point. It also protects the hydraulic motor and seals from wear and tear. The Easy Rack Concrete Mixer Drum will attach to almost any skid-steer with its universal skid-steer quick-tach and 3/8′ plate mounting components. This makes the entire mounting configuration extra secure and ensures uninterrupted, safe performance in the roughest terrain or the most exacting of rental conditions.

Easy Rack drum mixers are sold with hydraulic hoses and quick disconnects included. Simply mount the unit onto the skid steer, mix the concrete, move the drum into position, and tilt to place the concrete. Use this attachment anytime you need to mix small amounts of concrete on the spot and get the job done fast without hazard, needless expense, or waste.

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Investment Performance Charts Promoting Only “Winners”

By Larry Russell

Darrell Huff wrote a short and very informative book, “How to Lie with Statistics,” which was first published in 1954 and was amusingly illustrated by Irving Geis. This book is still in print and remains very popular on Amazon. It plainly and humorously discusses how statistics can be distorted and misused to serve the self-interest of the presenter.

Historical ETF and mutual fund investment performance charts are a case in point. While the numbers they present might be historically accurate, their presentation in advertising, on line, and in printed materials can amount to lies from several perspectives.

ETF and mutual fund performance charts are designed to lure gullible individual investors with an implied promise that superior past performance will continue. The financial research literature tells us clearly that on average this is a promise that cannot be kept. In other words, historical fund performance charts are a veiled lie. They may report factual information, but their purpose is to deceive.

Selecting Only “Winners” to Promote


When selling to you, securities industry sales people and the fund companies that advertise performance select only those historical investment fund performance charts that show superior historical performance. The industry sells its ETF and mutual fund winners, and it ignores or hides its losers.

Charts for their loser funds are available, but ETF and mutual fund sales representatives are not eager to present them. You have to dig them out yourself on the web. Or, these inferior or average performance charts will be mailed to you AFTER you have bought what you thought was a “superior” fund, but, gosh, things just did not remain superior.

Except for very, very poor historical performance, which tends to be an indicator of excessive costs, the financial research literature tells us that historical mutual fund performance is meaningless. The industry knows that many investors naively project past fund performance into the future. Yet the scientific finance literature simply does not support such assumptions.

If investing were this easy, then those who buy ETFs and mutual funds based on past performance would be consistent winners in the future and would grow relatively richer and richer. The opposite turns out to be true.

For your amusement when you are being sold to by a securities industry sales person, ask to see an asset-weighted chart that combines the entire historical performance of all the funds for a mutual fund family. Good luck in getting to see that one! I could list a dozen reasons why you will be told that such a fund family chart does not exist. However, the real reason is that this aggregate historical performance chart would likely show that the entire fund family trails a very broad market index by almost as much as the fund family charges in fees.

I use the word “almost,” because professionally managed mutual funds have shown a slightly positive ability to pick individual securities. Unfortunately, this slightly positive gross returns advantage is far more than wiped out by mutual fund management fees and transactions costs, which are several times greater than this small gross returns gain.

Then, of course, there are the mutual fund sales loads and 12b-1 marketing fees and the percent-of-assets management fees that you pay to your broker or investment advisor. In return, your broker and investment advisor will do you a dis-service by only pushing selected funds with “superior” performance charts and higher costs. These sales and asset management fees just drag your returns down even more year after year after year.

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The Uk Poetry Magazine An Endangered Species?

By John Webber

One of the poetry magazines I subscribe to dropped through my letterbox yesterday morning and I was soon reading, over my tea and toast, the editorial. I always expect pleas from the editor to renew my subscription, but this time there was an alarming list of some of the magazines which have recently died simply due to lack of funds. Poetry magazines have notoriously small circulations and most have to rely on revenue from other activities to supplement their subscription income which alone is not enough to keep them alive. Despite this many do manage to keep going and survive for many years on a shoestring, always hoping that the undoubted interest in poetry will one day manifest itself in people actually reading more than they currently do.

With specific regard to the UK there are still a lot of publications with a broad and varied range of editorial requirements. Some are very literary and inclined to be snobbish about who they publish, but most are open to new poets and are willing to publish them if the work fits in with their particular style; this in turn makes them a good and worthwhile read. For many years these small magazines have formed the backbone of poetry publication and have given new writers the confidence and support they need to find their way into more substantial print. If they continue to disappear at the rate that they seem to have been doing recently the main route to publication for aspiring poets will be gone altogether.


I cannot ignore the explosion of poetry on the web of course. It’s my opinion at the moment that it will be some while before the worlds of traditional print and the new web medium cross over. It could be argued that poetry on the web is much more democratic and in one sense gives poetry as a form of human expression more validity (and certainly more ubiquity). But it must be recognised that most magazine editors also have poetry’s interests very much at heart. They cannot publish everything so choices have to be made. It is part of the poet’s job to seek out likely avenues for their own work and with ability and perseverance a space will be found.

So then, this is a plea to readers and writers alike to help support, if they are able, one of the mainstays of our poetry heritage. As I said, there are still plenty of magazines to choose from at the moment. Start with a few back issues, which are normally cheaper than the current one, until you find one that suits you – then subscribe! Submit your work, enter their competitions, send in your letters – it could be the start of something big! Each time a magazine dies then so does a little part of poetry and our opportunity to publish our own work and read other peoples. Let’s not let it happen.

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