byAlma Abell

Having an efficient air conditioner helps you stay comfortable on those hot days as well as saves you money on energy costs. If something goes wrong with your air conditioner, it is less likely to operate efficiently and it can and will be noticeable on your electric/energy bills. Quality AC Repair Services in Mesa, Arizona can help you maintain your comfort levels and lower your energy costs. What types of repairs are most common for air conditioners?Low Refrigerant LevelsThe refrigerant of your air conditioner is the substance that runs through the coils so that the air blown into your home is cool. If your coils spring a leak, refrigerant levels will be reduced so your AC will not operate efficiently and effectively enough to provide you with ample comfort levels. You cannot diagnose or add refrigerant to your system, but a certified HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) technician can.


Wiring IssuesEvery air conditioner has to be wired in order to operate. If the wiring system malfunctions or was not properly wired in the first place then your system could overload or even cause a fire. Improper wiring is known to prevent your system from getting power which can also result in tripping your circuit breaker.

Thermostat IssuesIf your indoor thermostat is not properly calibrated your indoor air temperatures will fluctuate. This is not an efficient way to allow your system to operate. As soon as you notice any problems with temperature variations in your house, call for an HVAC technician to find the problem and fix it.

Outside Unit MalfunctionThe outside unit of an air conditioner can experience a number of problems. The compressor may overheat, the fan can stop operating, or damage from lack of maintenance or due to damage can affect the outdoor unit. The only way to ensure any issue within your outdoor unit is properly diagnosed and repaired is to choose quality AC Repair Services in Mesa, Arizona.

Regardless of whether your AC is making strange noises, emitting foul odors, malfunctioning, or not working at all, quality AC Repair Services are necessary in order to make your system efficient and operational again. You can also prevent some of these issues with regular, bi-annual maintenance on your system. Contact Aire Serv Heating & Air Conditioning of East Valley they can help you with all your air conditioner repair needs.