byAlma Abell

In Virginia, it’s essential to understand the correlations between pedestrian’s rights and the laws of the road. By understanding these connections, you understand that while it is the responsibility of drivers to yield the right of way, it is equally the pedestrian’s responsibility to refrain from crossing illegally. According to pedestrian laws, walkers are required to cross via crosswalks and remain on the sidewalk. A deviation of these rules that causes an accident could deem them responsible partially for their resulting injuries.

Interpreting Pedestrian LawsAccording to Virginia’s laws, pedestrians cannot cross intersections of the highway in which they aren’t visible clearly. This could include areas that experience higher than average traffic. Areas within the highway in which curbs could obstruct the field of view for oncoming drivers could also fall within the parameters of non-crossing zones. For clarity regarding these laws, you should contact a pedestrian lawyer in King George VA area.

Understanding Shared FaultAfter an accident occurs, highway patrol investigates to identify an exact cause. By reviewing the scene, he or she can determine whether the pedestrian followed applicable laws for crossing highways. Equally, they determine if the motorist exceeded the posted speed limit. However, if the pedestrian fails to comply with laws by remaining responsible when walking through these areas, the court could indicate that a shared fault existed. To review the potential for shared fault, discuss your case with a Pedestrian Lawyer.

Alternately, the laws outline the rights of pedestrians in areas such as bus stops primarily. An accident involving a pedestrian who is boarding a school or city bus indicates that the motorist is at fault in most cases. Applicable laws require traffic to stop for school buses that are loading or unloading to prevent accident or injury. Equally, the laws protect pedestrians who utilize city-based transportation services.

Pedestrians and motorists alike should review the correlating laws in Virginia. By understanding these requirements, they could reduce the amount of accidents that occur each year. For pedestrians who sustain injuries due to non-compliance of these laws, they should contact a pedestrian lawyer in King George VA to secure their right to damages.