The Healing Effects Of Life At Sorensons Ranch School

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Some of the animals have many purposes in our program. Some are used for our 4-H program. They can also be individually assigned to students to care for, groom, and show at the local county fairs. Horses, sheep, pigs, and cattle are the main stock that our youth learn to care for and show. The 4-H program nationally has been a proven vehicle in helping youth build self-esteem, knowledge, and individual responsibility. This individual responsibility can help teens overcome problems associated with ADD, ADHD, Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), anger, depression, lack of discipline, and many other common issues with troubled teens. Sorensons Ranch focuses on helping troubled youth return to a time of tending to their chores and taking care of the work that is involved in running a ranch. Another element that animals provide is unconditional love to their caregivers, and they present non-judgmental companionship, which is especially valuable with troubled youth with reactive attachment issues. Shoveling horse manure, feeding horses, herding cattle, assisting in the birthing process of the animals, fixing fences, watering, grooming, breaking horses, growing crops, hauling hay all these activities prepare the youth at Sorensons Ranch School to learn responsibility and respect. There is never a dull moment and the youth have plenty of things to do! It could be argued that life in a simpler form (ranch life) has a way of soothing the soul. The high mountain valley that provides the backdrop for helping children here at Sorensons Ranch School is a beautiful region with high elevation peaks on each side of the valley. Water arrives by canal down to our farm, which then goes into our sprinkling system. The students help in the preparation of the fields for planting by scouring the freshly tilled portions for rocks, which show up with each new plowing of the fields. The youth remove the rocks by hand or in a wheelbarrow and deposit them in the lower fields. Once the fields are planted the sprinklers are the way our crops are irrigated. The youth then must move the sprinklers on average every twelve hours for crops of oat hay or barley. With alfalfa or alfalfa-grass mixes for horses the sprinklers are moved once daily. Endorphins are produced in the human body by the pituitary gland during strenuous activity. Endorphins give us all a sense of wellbeing. Some have likened endorphins to the bodys natural pain relievers. With this knowledge, we capitalize on the healing/soothing effects in our youths lives by keeping our youth busy in the many activities. There is a simple pleasure to riding a horse through one of our mountain valleys or hauling hay. Often when troubled teens arrive they are reluctant or outright against participating in many of the activities we offer. Some of this stems from basic rebelliousness while often times we find fear to be a factor. Standing by a horse, ready to throw a saddle on it is an intimidating feat for most people. Often as students watch their peers performing these kinds of tasks, it helps them realize that there are many things they can accomplish that were previously considered foolish or impossible. Sorensons Ranch School is an excellent program that helps struggling teens find the answers to the problems that they are facing and helps them learn to find solutions on their own. For more information contact the admissions office at 1-888-830-4802 or visit the Sorensons Ranch website at

Eliminate The Invaders In Your Home With Pest Control In Glen Burnie

byAlma Abell

Your home or business can easily become infested with a variety of pests including several types of insects, furry little rodents and even birds, bees and bats. The difficulty with unexpected Pest Control in Glen Burnie isn’t the unusual pests that invade your property, but the unique methods that each pest requires to eliminate the problem. For example, eliminating insects such as the cockroach is usually handled by a series of chemical applications designed to remove successive generations as the young hatch. Rodents on the other hand require the application of baits and traps to properly remove the problem.

Pest problems in your buildings can vary based on several different variables including the location of moisture, a ready source of food and a secure place to build a nest. Consider the termite. This is a small, whitish, pale or lightly colored insect with a social structure similar to the ant. However, the termite is no longer considered as a member of the ant species. Instead, it is considered as the infraorder Isopertera of the cockroach order Blattodea. You rarely see this insect outside of the nest and an experienced Pest Control in Glen Burnie contractor will need to find the nest and apply the proper baits for the termites.

Termites come in literally thousands of species, many of which actually perform a useful function in the wild, the breakdown and removal of dead plant matter, scientifically labeled as cellulose. Unfortunately, much of the material we build our homes with uses wood fibers and the termites aren’t smart enough to know they should find a different food source.

Another home invader that can be difficult to eliminate are rodents such as mice and rats. These pests usually enter your home or business through cracks in the walls or doors or holes that they gnaw away with their sharp front teeth. Once they have entered the building they quickly begin to build their nest in the warmer walls where they will birth their young. Mice and rats breed a lot and those new generations will soon find even more places to nest in the walls of your home which is why you should consider hiring an experienced contractor like Accutech Pest Management for your next pest elimination project.