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There is good reason for the great range of shapes and sizes in cardboard boxes, giving you the ability to get the perfect box for one particular item, or a box big enough to hold a number of various items. This choice is essential for the packing of fragile items and electrical goods, which is why you will need a whole host of high quality moving supplies for a hassle free flit.

For a whole house move the cheapest and most efficient way to prepare is by buying the supplies as one whole package. Many online stores will offer a substantial discount on a bigger purchases and it is more than likely to work out more expensive when bought piece by piece. These kits usually supply you with everything you will require for packing purposes such as brown tape, bubble wrap, a marker pen, packing material and obviously strong cardboard boxes. The boxes come in different strengths, shapes and sizes; obtaining the correct moving box that is specific to a particular item is extremely beneficial. The stronger boxes with thicker walls are ideal for those more fragile goods, and using the bubble wrap to ensure the safety of the item is also of great importance.


With so much to keep track of when arranging to move, so many boxes arriving at the new property at the same time can be overwhelming. This is where the black marker pen comes in, to make sure you clearly label the boxes in order to get them straight out of the van and into their corresponding rooms of the house; then you can unpack them in an organised fashion. It is alsoa good idea to label each box with it’s contents so that when you get there you are not having to root through each and every one to find what you need.

A substantial moving kit is without a doubt more of an investment than expenditure with the great security they provide to guard against any possible damage. If you weren’t to use the correct materials to transport the goods there is a great chance that some of your more delicate possessions will get chipped or broken, and you could end up losing more in the worth of these items than the what the initial cost of the correct equipment would have been.

The use of cardboard boxes can be an environmentally friendly option for your relocation needs, even if you never plan to use them again after the move, there are many places where you can take them where you can take them to be recycled and do your bit for the environment. You may even want to reuse them yourself to store items away in the attic, then is you do ever move home again in the future they are always there and ready to go. The same goes for the other items you may find in your moving supplies kit, there are plenty of ways to put them to use. So whichever way you choose to look at it, they are definitely an investment in more ways than one.

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