Is Google Plus Armed For Mobile Marketing Conquest?

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Google Plus Is Already A Top Contender on the Social Media Scene

So Google Plus has unveiled and it has garnered a positive reaction from business owners who have added their profiles to the new social networking site. Indeed, many web users see Google+ as belonging with the Big Three social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Social networking sites like Facebook also allow signing in through mobile phones, so Google’s release of the new feature will build up intense competition again between the different social networking giants. Whenever Google does something, the mobile marketing community should take notice.

Many businesses have pages on titanic social networking sites, and how these sites fare well with the businesses will determine their eventual significance in online commerce.


What’s in store for mobile marketing with Google Plus on the scene?

Just recently, Google Plus released its mobile check-in deals capability. These offers allow businesses to give discounts or deals to buyers once they check-in using their mobile phones. The customers, therefore, will spread the word to other customers, who will then become more aware of the company’s presence on Google+. Or they can choose to remain private about the deals that they get – such is Google’s way of respecting customers’ need for privacy.

Establishments that require customers to visit a physical location, therefore, will be attracted to the feature and then make their presence more prominent in the Internet. Customers nowadays have their mobile phones as their business buddy.

Thus, whatever customers like, businesses should also like, and if customers like Google, businesses should appreciate that. Because Google began asserting its weight in the mobile marketing sector, businesses aware of Google’s power will soon follow and will begin to make deals on the Internet.

Google Latitude Already Launched Check-ins

Google’s check-in feature launched last February on Google Latitude. This recent feature, however, has the additional advantage that it also functions as a Google advertisement – as well as a business advertisement along with the products.

With that, Google will become well-known among the business-oriented crowd, and will begin partaking more of the social networking features that Google offers. Businesses will also profit more because of their greater exposure (due to advertisements) and because more and more people are becoming aware of Google’s reach, especially with the launching of Google+.

With other social networking companies like Foursquare and Facebook making tie-ups with locators for check-in offers, Google has joined in the fray. Check-in offers are smart ways to get customers to visit businesses without having to buy yet. The impact of this in mobile marketing is remarkable: customers do not have to travel that much when they want to see what’s in a business. Check-in offers also give information regarding the people who actually came into an establishment – and that can be the beginnings of an effective loyalty program where after a certain number of visits, there will be freebies.

Once Google settles in with mobile marketing, everyone should pay heed. Google Plus caught us by surprise when it launched, and this update by Google regarding the check-in offers will help tilt our mobile marketing compass a significant number of degrees. Google’s check-in offers are still new, but taking note of how they will work for mobile marketing will make an impact on the marketing trend of 2012 and in the following years.

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