byAlma Abell

Finding event tents for sale? is actually easier than you you can find options that will meet your needs. However, the price and quality of event tents can vary significantly, which means that there are certain considerations you need to make prior to making a purchase. The first decision that you will have to make is what type of tent you want to purchase. The various types of event tents are highlighted here.

Pop-Up Tent

These are also referred to as an instant canopy, and provide an inexpensive and convenient option that is easy to use. When you purchase a pop-up tent, you will be able to erect them without the need of any tools. They use a type of accordion framing, which makes them compact, lightweight and ideal for the beach, garden or even the park. These are more commonly used for temporary shelter.

Pole Tent

These types of tents are supported by a frame of poles. The poles are placed on the edge of the tent, as well as in the center for support. Each of the poles is tied for stability. These are larger tents and typically lightweight and fairly easy to set up. When it comes to affordability, these are ideal since you can find them for a low price and they are able to cover a number of people.

Tension Tent

These are similar to the pole tents with the exception that the center of the tent is typically much higher than the pole tent. These are often called a high peak tent. These offer a dramatic effect and popular for formal events and weddings. The actual structure is lightweight and fairly easy to set up. These are the ideal option for windy or wet weather, as well since they offer much more stability than the other available options.

Frame Tent

This tent is more expensive than the others and uses a metal tube frame for support. It does not require any type of center poles for stability. They also take up much less room when fully assembled. These tents can be used both inside and outside, depending on your needs and event.

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