5 Methods for a Quicker Knee Surgery Recovery


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That is a long time to wait. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to speed up your recovery time. Here are 5 methods that you can try to help your knee heal quicker:

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Cold TherapyKeeping your knee on ice will be helpful in reducing the pain. It can also slow the production of pain mediators to the area, slowing the nerve pain signals. You could pull out an ice pack from your freezer, but you need to use one that will give you continuous cycles of cold through a wrap around your knee. You can get this from a physical therapist or other medical professionals.You may be offered pain medications from your doctor after the surgery, and you should use it as directed by your doctor. Although it can help you cope with the pain while you’re recovering, it can also slow down your progress, especially if you’re too tired or dazed to remember your routine. You should wean yourself as quickly as possible and use cold therapy to reduce the pain as you work to heal.CryotherapyCryotherapy is similar to cold therapy, because it uses cold, but cryotherapy uses subzero temperatures. It is commonly used to treat various kinds of tissue damage. One of the common side effects to surgery is swelling. Swelling occurs as blood and other fluids in your body rush to the area to help your body work at healing itself. Cryotherapy can reduce the swelling in your knee while you heal. Your doctor may have a cryogenic chamber therapy to help you get the treatment that you require.Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC)Intermittent Pneumatic Compression (IPC) is used with a knee wrap. It helps restore lymphatic flow while stimulating tissue healing. It boosts your connective tissue production, so your body can heal quicker. It can also help reduce your blood pressure to reduce swelling while improving your blood flow. Basically, IPC works to get your body to naturally speed up the recovery time to heal your knee.RestYou need to rest your body. Take the time to get plenty of good sleep, so your body can work to heal and repair itself. When you’re resting, your body can focus more energy into repairing itself. You should be walking around and getting your exercise as recommended by your doctor, but try to take it easy and relax as much as possible.Physical TherapyA physical therapist has the training and experience to help you recover from your surgery. Choose someone who has experience with knee surgery, so he or she can offer you exercises and stretches that you can do with your knee to strengthen your leg and help you recover as quickly as possible. You need to follow through and do your exercises in between sessions to make sure that you’re getting the most from your physical therapy.You should work on your plan for knee surgery recovery in Riverview, MI, with your doctor. He or she can work with you to determine the best treatment methods to help you work through the side effects and symptoms that you experience. Your doctor can also refer you to a physical therapist or recovery center that can help you get where you need and want to be.

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