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According to a recent survey 6 out of 10 households in metropolitan cities have both the partners working. In these cities the concept of a house wife and sitting at home has slowly vanished. Even the ladies of the house are either on a salaried job or have some full time or part time business to take care of. Having both the partners earning the spending capacity of the household has increased. And, when it comes to their children, most of the parents dream of giving their children the best of everything. From going out on every week end to buying new clothes or new kids toys every demand of the kids are fulfilled.

Many opportunists have capitalized on this thinking and have introduced many new products in the market. From infant baby toys to 8 year old kids toy, everything is available in the market. The choice and the variety are huge and your kid might get tired of choosing what he wants but the products will never end. You have huge options even in the infant baby toys age group. From manual simple rattler to a fully automated rattler, shop keepers have everything and anything on their shelf.Your 8 year old daughter is your husband s princess and her wish is your command. You will not think twice before buying her a new


Barbie dolls

even if she already has three of these dolls back home. Along with the Barbie doll comes the Barbie dolls bed room set, kitchen set and what not. When it comes to kids toys and baby toys the options are innumerable and the variety is huge.

Many big brands have entered the kids clothing sector. You have a huge variety to choose from and with their amazing marketing skills your daughter might have already decided which new dress they want to wear. Buying a dress for girls has a whole new definition. Around 10 years back kids used to wear any and everything their parents bought for them but now-a-days going out shopping for kids means the final decision is theirs not yours. With big brands coming into picture, branded top for girls,

dress for girls

, accessories for girls have a brand new set of target customers. These big brands with their amazing advertisement and marketing skills target your daughter and even before you know the new amazing dress for girls which they have advertised is already in your daughter s wardrobe.

So if your darling daughter have decided to buy the new

top for girls

advertised in the newspaper, you obviously don t stop her as she is your princess and her wish is definitely your command.

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