How To Avoid Calgary S Black Cart Blues

How To avoid Calgary s Black Cart Blues



Environmentalism and green programs can be a good thing, even when they re a bit of a pain when it comes to working within their restrictions. A good case in point is the city of Calgary s garbage collection program. The introduction of the black cart and blue cart system, with strict recycling rules and limitations around garbage pick-up has helped the city to reduce traffic congestion (by reducing the time needed for garbage trucks to pick up on residential streets), cut down on the amount of trash being dumped in the city s landfills and even generated revenue through recycling programs. For most homeowners and businesses, the program works well, once they re accustomed to the rules. But when a home cleanup or other project generates extra garbage, sorting through everything to make sure each item is properly disposed of becomes a hassle.

While most Canadian cities still rely on garbage bags or standard garbage pails for curbside garbage collection. Calgary has switched to garbage trucks that use mechanical arms to lift specialized containers and automatically dump them into trucks. This black box program keeps the trucks moving faster, which cuts down on the number of vehicles and staff needed while reducing traffic slowdowns caused by curbside collection. In order for this system to work, there are very specific rules about the black carts. There must be at least one foot of space between the cart and a hedge or fence, there must be 10 feet of space above the cart, carts must be three feet from cars or other obstacles, the cart must be placed on flat ground and the cart must be positioned such that the arrows on the lid point toward the road. When a homeowner has a lot of garbage to dispose of, curbside collection gets complicated.


Recycling uses a similar cart system, only it s blue. There s a long list of what is and isn t acceptable as recycling and this can be confusing. For example, paperback books are recyclable, while hardcover books are not. Stretchy plastic bags are recyclable, while crinkly plastic bags are not. Tetrapacks are recyclable while disposable drink cups are not. Electronics such as TVs and computers must be dropped off at a special depot.

Daily garbage collection may not be an issue, but when there s a big job spring cleaning or moving, for example and there s

junk removal Calgary

residents often skip the city garbage collection and call a private junk collector instead. They don t have to wait until their scheduled city pickup service, they don t have to sort items (the junk firm properly disposes of everything), they don t have to drive to a depot, they don t have to cram everything into a black box and they don t even have to carry it to the curb.

Link Webb is a Calgary resident, realtor and the author of numerous household tips articles. Link says that when it comes to

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residents frequently choose to call a junk removal company. It s easier than having to sort garbage from recyclables, faster and convenient.

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Traits And Characteristics Of A Serial Killer Part Two

Submitted by: Barney Garcia

Unorganized serial killers, share a slightly different profile. These types of serial killers tend to have below average intelligent levels and are considered to be socially inadequate; often living alone and someone who does not date. They are usually high school drop outs and have minimal interest in the media. They tend to keep a messy house and have poor hygiene. They tend to leave the body intact with a crime scene high in evidence.

There are seven types of motives that drive serial killers to kill. These include visions that the killer claims have come to them guiding them to kill , a desire to rid the population of a certain race or type of individual, hedonistic reasons; meaning the killer gets pleasure from the violence, lust; in which they kill for sexual gratification (whether the actual act of sex occurs or not), for thrill, for personal gain such as money or material goods, and power seekers, who like to control the death time of others in order to feel in control of their own lives.


Serial killers usually spread out their killings and are typically repeat offenders because the actually act they committed did not live up to their expectations. The killings tend to gain in severity as the killer becomes more experienced and are not stopped until they are jailed, or die themselves. Arrested serial killers who have received counseling and therapy have shown no improvements in their mental condition after treatment and these rehabilitation practices have even worsened the problem.

Scientists now believe that in the future there might be a cure for the defect in the brain on the medulla oblongata which is responsible for emotional reaction. While the technology, availability and ethical concerns are limiting this possibility right now, the theory is out there being worked on.

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