Garment Industry Information Technology Upgrades

By Frbiz Tian

Garment manufacturing technology should be understood as the traditional manufacturing technology, information technology, computer technology, automation technology and scientific management of advanced technology integrated multi-disciplinary and applied to garment manufacturing engineering, formed a complete system. It is the general trend of the development of precision, flexibility, networking, virtualization, intelligent, clean, integration, information globalization direction.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology.

Information content of advanced manufacturing technology developed by a group of one is to meet the needs of information technology equipment, digital fashion. Our existing and scale more than 100 sewing machine manufacturers, sewing equipment, parts and components manufacturers have more than 400, its production capacity and production in the sewing machine in the world.

But as far as I know, China addition to producing computer-controlled sewing machine, computerized embroidery machine, automatic bag opening machine, computer pattern sewing machines, computer-controlled spreading machine, computer-controlled three-dimensional hot machine, etc., other little digital technology equipment. Apparel art first determines the combination of its information technology approached nature. So we have to develop the digital technology and equipment and work hard to meet the clothing enterprise information requirements.

Advanced Manufacturing Technology Information content of the second is to develop and establish a number of garment manufacturing technology and advanced management technology combined with the manufacturing model and systems to personalized clothing and globalization for the two markets. As the domestic and international market competition, rapid development of science and technology, the acceleration of replacement clothing and apparel products to the diversity of people, individual needs increase, the garment manufacturing industry to more variety, small batch production custom development.


To adapt to this change, the United States, Japan and other developed countries in a number of countermeasures proposed many new ideas, new ideas, new concepts, has born a lot of advanced manufacturing technology, the model and system. Such as agile manufacturing systems, mass customization manufacturing systems, virtual manufacturing systems, global manufacturing system, green manufacturing systems.

Domestic Application.

Currently, the domestic garment CAD, CAM, ERP, PDM and other aspects of the development and application has made great achievements, the garment enterprises in China is now the application of information technology point of view, garment enterprises, personnel, finance, office computerization in 90 % or more; garment enterprises CAD application penetration rate close to 10%; garment enterprises of various systems of enterprise management systems such as PDM, EHP, SCM, CRM applications such as close to 20%.

Two-dimensional apparel CAD technology level in China, especially in software development to keep pace with the developed countries have. However, as we now apply the two-dimensional apparel CAD technology also there are some drawbacks: not well in the Internet online transmission, can not meet the “personality” of the design requirements, from the main body three-dimensional modeling and so on. Because of this, both domestically and overseas in recent years, computer-aided to the network Fuzhuang She Ji (NAD), three-line apparel CAD, virtual garment CAD, Chao Wei Yi Ji CAD clothing design basis?? Dimensional Body Measurement Technology research in areas such as development and application of study.

Constitute the framework of information.

Modern garment enterprise information management to adhere to its development mainly to form professional computer personnel, the computer knowledge to production, management, transformation and other links, multi-disciplinary merging and technology development, supply, production, sales , services, seamless integration of business, so that on the cost, date and accurate accounting of profits and materials, capital flow, the value of the dynamic control flow.

The thinking of managers and optimize decision-making applied to the information system to meet the information technology business development. Enterprise information is a long-term, comprehensive systems engineering. Broadly speaking, its mandate includes hardware construction, software development and application of system construction and so on.

Hardware, including the Internet (Internet) connectivity, corporate intranets (Internet) of the building, scientific research, production, marketing, office and other applications, system integration or development. Software, including standards related to issues and security issues in the research and resolution, the use and operation of information systems and data of the record and update the institutionalization of people, all staff of information awareness education and information technology skills training, and information of suitable management mechanisms, business models and business process adjustments or changes.

Applications which include network platform side, information resources, software application development of three parts. In accordance with the comprehensive information technology research and development of technology fashion industry is adhering to the development of advanced productive forces, the apparel industry, information technology development of productive forces, which is a highly innovative new study of economic growth, it can most effectively The fastest way to integrate and optimize the market and the enterprise resources, produce greater social and economic benefits, can accelerate the global apparel capital flows, technology flows and personnel flow, can promote the sustained and stable economic development in the apparel industry.

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