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Tips of Buying a Tata Cars in India


Mike Nielsenn

If you are planning to buy Tata cars in India before going to the dealers, make sure to do some comparing new Tata cars available in the market today. Purchase a copy of Tata car reviews or automobile magazines and compare the available models. It is advisable to read about various Tata vehicle kinds and try to pick which type that best fit your needs. Buyer must decide whether one needs a compact, a subcompact, a two-door, a sedan, etc.?

To buy new Tata cars wisely compare the mileage for the various Tata cars you are considering. Mileage ratings of new Tata cars are available from dealers and even on the internet. These ratings are determined using testing facilities that would run the vehicles through simulated streets with different driving conditions. The mileage on these vehicles however may change from the said rating, depending on the way drivers drive in actual conditions.


Besides considering efficiency and mileage of eyed Tata model cars, it is also important to consider how or what services will the car need to accomplish. If you won t take it into the woods and ride on dirt roads and if you will only use it to drive in city streets smaller Tata cars or sedan models would be more advisable, rather than a sport utility vehicle, because their weight and high horsepower makes them the most inefficient vehicles. They normally get about 16-18 mpg or even less in city driving and only about 20-24 mpg on freeway driving.

In India s busy streets smaller models of Tata cars that give excellent mileage may be most advisable in what is needed for short daily commutes. Most people in India don\’t need a fancy luxury car to go around the 10 or 20 miles traveled to their jobs. And just in case you do travel very long distances, considering mileage of the cars to be used should be a more important along with vehicle safety and comfort. So whatever Tata car model you will buy don t only look on the Tata car prices but mostly on its mileage.

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