How Good Do You Have To Be To Become A Backing Dancer?


Ryan Heddik

A question that frequently gets asked around by aspiring backing dancers is ‘How good does your dancing have to be to become a backing dancer?’ The answer is very simple. Watch the backing dancers in the music videos on TV and you need to be as good as them!

If you are as good as the dancers that you see on television who do backing dancing then you too will be at standard which will make you a contender to be picked as a backing dancer at dance auditions.

Sometimes dancers are picked more for their unique dance style or as you’ve probably seen because they are really bad or really funny dancers. For the most part though artists and people in the music biz will want really good backing dancers!


A good way to find out what level you’re currently at is by attending dance classes and seeing how good you are compared to the other dancers. Ideally you want to be as good as the best dancers in the dance class or the dance teacher. The best dancers in the dance class are probably professional dancers who you will see at auditions when you become a professional dancer too.

Many times the dance teacher will be the best dancer in the class which probably isn’t surprising as the teacher is supposed to be good! They are also a good indicator of your standard because they were probably a professional dancer in the past or if the teacher is young they may still be a professional dancer.

Also many dance teachers start teaching because their dancing skills have a good reputation so they’re definitely likely to be above average dancers. You will see many professional dancers and even dance teachers at auditions for backing dancers it’s a job that a lot of people want.

If you can cut it with the best dancers in the dance class you know that you have a good chance. Also you should try and get to the most popular dance studios in the big cities if possible. Do some research to find out where these are.

These popular dance studios will inevitably have lots of very good dancers in many of the dance classes so it will be a higher standard in general. Of course there are lots of different dance styles and dance classes and it would take an incredible dancer to be amongst the best at every single dance style.

You want to be able to excel in 1, 2 or even 3 dance styles and be proficient or above average at the others. This is the standard you should aim for.

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