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By Morgan F Turley

Hot stone massage therapy is a derivative of stone massage therapy in which water-treated stones are placed at particular places on the body of the client. The particular placement of these stones is intended to promote relaxation and work to open up blocked energy pathways throughout the client’s body. While heated stones are featured prominently during this form of massage, they are not exclusively used throughout the massage. Generally these heated stones work as way of pre-treating muscles before the therapists performs deep tissue massage with their hands. Occasionally, heated stones are alternated with the use of chilled stones, depending on the needs of the client. In almost all cases, a hot stone massage involves the use of some kind of massage oil. Depending on the type of stone used, sometimes these oils are naturally occurring in the stones themselves.

Regardless of particular health issues, there are certain benefits everyone receiving a hot stone massage can receive. The penetrating heat from the stones promotes a deep level of muscle and tissue relaxation that can otherwise be difficult to achieve. This form of massage also works at relieving stress, releasing toxins, pain relief, improvement of circulation, and a calming of the psyche. Therapists prefer this form of massage as the heat from the stones makes the skin much more pliable and receptive to deep tissue massage.

While everyone can receive the various therapeutic benefits associated with a hot stone massage, there are certain health conditions that have seen marked improvements with the incorporation of hot stone massage. Clients with muscular aches and pains associated with both acute and chronic conditions can greatly benefit from hot stone massage. The heat from the stones penetrates even the sorest of muscles and with regular sessions, muscular pain can be greatly reduced.

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Back pain is a common complaint among people, especially those with jobs requiring long periods of sitting or standing in one place. This back pain is commonly associated with overworked/underworked muscles that become tight and knotted. Hot stone massage coupled with the deep tissue massage a therapist often incorporates into the session can gradually loosen these muscles and provide great degrees of comfort to the client.

Unfortunately, stress and anxiety are health conditions commonly experienced by people. When clients allow themselves to set aside time on a weekly basis for simple relaxation, they will instantly experience a decrease in their stress and anxiety levels. While this may only be temporary at first, over time, these reduction levels can be more lasting.

There are some types of stones used in hot stone massage that lend themselves to providing clients with relief from insomnia. The natural healing properties of some of these stones stimulate receptors that make it easier for clients to fall asleep.

Health conditions like MS, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression can also be improved with the use of hot stone massage along with more conservative treatments. While massage obviously cannot ‘cure’ some health conditions, the relief provided by its benefits can make clients a lot more comfortable.

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