5 Key Steps To Teach Your Child To Become Self Aware

By Ruth Edensor

Being self aware means that you are conscious of what you are doing and how it affects your life, in other words you understand that if you do a certain thing you will get a certain result. As adults we know that this is not always easy to and that we usually have to work hard to remember to do it. If you teach your children to grow up self aware you are giving them vital tools to build the life of their dreams. They will be able to understand who they are, what their skills, weakness and strengths are and how their behaviour affects others and their selves.

They will also be able to;

Self motivate

Improve social skills

Set goals and work towards them

Show empathy towards others

Manage their feelings appropriately

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Solve problems

Keep themselves safe

Stay healthy

Find out what they enjoy doing

Understand the consequences of their actions

I am sure you agree that the benefits are huge.

Here are 5 steps to help you teach your child to become self aware.

1.Have some quiet time.

You need to give your child some peace and quiet if they are to become self aware because it is then that they can stop thinking about everything that is around them and just listen to their own thoughts and feelings.

Having no music, TV, computers or other distractions and activities will benefit even very small children because it is then that they listen to every day sounds and really get to know there environment, which also helps them with their speech and language skills. So turn off the everyday distractions and enjoy some quiet time each day.

2.Be a good role model.

If you practise being self aware yourself then it is going to be very likely that your children will follow you naturally as you pass it on.

3.Coach and guide them.

By coaching and guiding your child to be self aware constantly and routinely, it will become second nature and a habit.

4.Help them to be reflective

When your child has done something positive or negative you can help them to reflect on what they have done to help them to see the consequences of their actions. For example asking them, How did that make you feel? Or, What went well when you did that? What could you do differently to get a better result? What did you learn?

5.Use positive parenting techniques.

Positive parenting techniques encourage children to think about what they are doing. If you are just dictating and telling your children what to do all they will learn to do as they are told without questioning. On the other hand if you have taught them to reason and think for them selves you will find that they will be self directing and think and plan ahead for themselves instead of waiting to be told what to do.

Doing these 5 things consistently everyday means that you will most definitely be successful in teaching your children to be self aware and give them a great start in life.

About the Author: I am a Child Behaviour Consultant and Author of A Parents Guide To Children’s Behaviour I am from the UK, with 30 years experience of working with children. I have an honours Psychology degree and I am the founder of Child Behaviour Direct. I work with parents to help them to bring out the best in their children and improve their behaviour. Please go to www.ChildBehaviourDirect.com



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Easy Guitar Lessons For Everybody}

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Submitted by: Mary R. Moore

Did you ever wish to play guitar but you just couldn’t get yourself to start? It’s a common misconception these days that to learn guitar fast can be somewhat an overwhelming task, but the thing is, we are now awash with modern-day technology that’s making things a lot easier. And there are easy guitar lessons anybody can take up and master.

Here are some simple instructions you can take up and follow:

First things’ first, you have to learn how you can carry your guitar. You may have noticed that people are usually having fun playing the instrument over their knee. In your case, you can maintain the instrument directly for comfort. There will be times when your guitar will slide away while playing each time you stretch your backside just to glance at your positioned fingertips around the frets. This is just normal as you learn guitar solo. But even though, you should still avoid bad routines especially that you are still starting. It’s really important to maintain your instrument in a comfortable, close up and upright position.

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After getting yourself comfortable with your playing positions, it’s now time to study the six basic chords used and focusing on your guitar’s four initial frets as you learn guitar songs on an actual note graph. Frets are those areas all over the neck that produces different notes. And because there are six standard strings in your guitar, you will also see six visible stripes on the graph symbolizing your actual guitar strings.

You can readily research various chords on the Internet with detailed instructions as to how your fret fingers should be properly positioned so you can produce various notes. These basics will serve as your foundation to learning and mastering more complicated chords and notes which enables you to play any song you would want.

The basic chords allow you to perform few popular songs through shifting your fretting hand’s palm all over the guitar strings. To facilitate comfortable balancing, you must maintain control with both hands while shifting to other chords. It’s not smart to hurry with the shifting. The key is to ease your way by creating the proper and actual note before shifting to another. This is how you are supposed to master your way playing different and complex chords.

The best way to learn songs on guitar is a serious practice of these basic chords. Most of the all-time popular songs take only a handful of chords to perform with three of four simplified progressions in different forms. And the quicker you get to learn these basic chords and especially transitioning in between them, the quicker you will also learn any guitar songs that you can think of.

The Internet is again a great platform where you can learn your favorite guitar songs with so many sites posting chords and tabs to so many songs. Learning how to play the guitar and the songs that can be played by it has never been easier thanks to easy guitar lessons. Grab your guitar now and get on with it.

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Other Benefits Of A Hot Stone Massage

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By Morgan F Turley

Hot stone massage therapy is a derivative of stone massage therapy in which water-treated stones are placed at particular places on the body of the client. The particular placement of these stones is intended to promote relaxation and work to open up blocked energy pathways throughout the client’s body. While heated stones are featured prominently during this form of massage, they are not exclusively used throughout the massage. Generally these heated stones work as way of pre-treating muscles before the therapists performs deep tissue massage with their hands. Occasionally, heated stones are alternated with the use of chilled stones, depending on the needs of the client. In almost all cases, a hot stone massage involves the use of some kind of massage oil. Depending on the type of stone used, sometimes these oils are naturally occurring in the stones themselves.

Regardless of particular health issues, there are certain benefits everyone receiving a hot stone massage can receive. The penetrating heat from the stones promotes a deep level of muscle and tissue relaxation that can otherwise be difficult to achieve. This form of massage also works at relieving stress, releasing toxins, pain relief, improvement of circulation, and a calming of the psyche. Therapists prefer this form of massage as the heat from the stones makes the skin much more pliable and receptive to deep tissue massage.

While everyone can receive the various therapeutic benefits associated with a hot stone massage, there are certain health conditions that have seen marked improvements with the incorporation of hot stone massage. Clients with muscular aches and pains associated with both acute and chronic conditions can greatly benefit from hot stone massage. The heat from the stones penetrates even the sorest of muscles and with regular sessions, muscular pain can be greatly reduced.

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Back pain is a common complaint among people, especially those with jobs requiring long periods of sitting or standing in one place. This back pain is commonly associated with overworked/underworked muscles that become tight and knotted. Hot stone massage coupled with the deep tissue massage a therapist often incorporates into the session can gradually loosen these muscles and provide great degrees of comfort to the client.

Unfortunately, stress and anxiety are health conditions commonly experienced by people. When clients allow themselves to set aside time on a weekly basis for simple relaxation, they will instantly experience a decrease in their stress and anxiety levels. While this may only be temporary at first, over time, these reduction levels can be more lasting.

There are some types of stones used in hot stone massage that lend themselves to providing clients with relief from insomnia. The natural healing properties of some of these stones stimulate receptors that make it easier for clients to fall asleep.

Health conditions like MS, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression can also be improved with the use of hot stone massage along with more conservative treatments. While massage obviously cannot ‘cure’ some health conditions, the relief provided by its benefits can make clients a lot more comfortable.

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hot stone massage

supplies provider. They carry products such as

massage stone

, as well as many other accessories for hot and cold stone therapy.



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