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Having the perfect Hair Style matters, but it seems the color may be just as important. There have been numerous studies done to learn what people think of women with specific hair colors. If you have the color you love, it may not matter to you what others think, but it is still nice to know when it is time for a change.

Hair color commercials want you to think any color is fine, just as long as it does not contain gray. That is not true anymore and a quick look through any fashion magazine will prove the point. It is not unusual to see young women with hair dyed gray. The only problem is that gray hair must be properly cared for. Otherwise, it can be dry and coarse and look a little unkempt. Keep it well conditioned and styled and it can be as beautiful and youthful as any hair.

There is no one color that everyone prefers. This does not mean that people do not have stereotypes about each shade and the women who wear them. Blondes may or may not have more fun, but they are often seen as more approachable than women with other hair colors. This is according to a study of single men. This same group also believed that while they were more approachable, they may also be more needy and demanding as well.

Brunettes are still considered by those in surveys to be the ones that are the most intelligent. It is unlikely this is true across the board, but studies have shown they are more likely to earn more money that women with other hair colors.

Redheads are considered fun, fiery, and a little promiscuous. This seems unfair, except a German study stated that women with red hair have more partners than other women and, whether married or single, have more sex as well. Since the study was of all women, not just those with natural red, blonde or brunette locks, it could be that those who are a little more passionate on the inside like to reveal that with their fiery red tresses.

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