Submitted by: Danny Feemster

Hi there, I thought I would share a couple of tricks we tell our customers all the time when they have a worn out suction cups and windshield mount for their radar detector.

Have you noticed that the suction cups on your radar detector bracket seem worn out and warped? This is especially irritating when it results in the detectors coming loose! No one likes having a radar detector bounce loose and land in your lap. The reason this happens is because suction cups over time naturally loose elasticity and the ability to reform. This is due usually to prolonged expose to sunlight, interior car temperature changes from cold to hot, and from constant use.

Do not just throw away your suction cups and buy new ones. You might be able to get a bit more life out of them. Being frugal is just smart, so here are two things to try first:

The first thing you can do to return some elasticity to the suction cups is to place them for a short amount of time in some boiling water. The boiling water will help reset the plastic and make it more pliable. The suction cups should regain some of their original flexible condition.

Another trick if boiling the suction cups does not work, is to place a small amount of dish soap or Vaseline on the suction cup. It only takes a very small amount, so do not use too much. This will help the suction cups adhere to the windshield. If you only use a little bit, it should not leave much of a residue to remove later. Do not use anything else though, you could make a difficult to remove mess, or worse.

You can also try both steps for suction cups that are completely worn out. Now if the two ricks above do not work we sell new suction cups and mounting brackets along with a large selection of accessories. Try boiling them first though, you may be surprised at how well it works.

What do you do though with a worn out bracket and your radar detector is now pointed up at the sky? Well, you can often rebend them. Just carefully brace the bottom of the bracket on a table and apply even pressure on the mounting section. This can often move the bracket back to the correct angle. Do not be one of those people with a radar detector pointing way up into space! They just do not work as well. Your radar detector should be level and pointed straight ahead to get the best range and reaction warning time to police radar and laser.

If your bracket is all scratched up from use you can often use a permanent black marker to touch up where paint has worn off. Another thing to do, but only if you have some spray paint around, it to repaint the bracket using spray paint designed for metal surfaces. Only do this if you already have some spray paint, buying a new can of paint may set you back for more than the cost of a brand new bracket!

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