byAlma Abell

There are several reasons your General Dentist may make the decision to place a crown over your tooth. This is often needed when your tooth becomes damaged because of a cavity, injury or infection. A crown effectively covers your entire tooth, stabilizing it and preventing further damage from occurring. This procedure can often save your tooth from being lost. If you are in need of a crown over your tooth, it can help for you to know what to expect during the procedure. This will set your mind at ease and help you to be fully prepared for your appointment.

Through the Dentist in Tatamy, your tooth can be saved. What Happens When the Dentist in Tatamy Places a Crown Over Your Tooth?


When you go in for your crown to be put into place, you will first have an impression made of your tooth. This impression will be used by the dental lab, so your crown can be created for you. In some dental offices, this is done on-site, while others may require the impression to be sent off to an outside lab.

The dentist will first prepare your tooth to receive the crown. This involves shaping your tooth and rounding any of the square edges, making the tooth smaller. Once your tooth has been fully prepared, the dentist will begin the process of putting your crown in place.

If your crown is being created in another lab, you will receive a temporary plastic crownuntil your crown is created. Permanent crowns are typically created from porcelain, resin, stainless steel and metal alloys. Porcelain is often preferred because it matches with your other teeth. For the strongest crown, you should choose metal alloy.

To ensure your crown is put into place permanently, the dentist will use a strong dental cement. This will hold the crown in place for many years to come and will give you an impenetrable seal, so no food or drink can enter under the crown. This improves the strength and appearance of your tooth.

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