How To Turn Your Phone Into A Voice Activated Phone

Submitted by: Larry Lewis Jr.

Have you heard of the new cell phone laws that are banning driving while texting? Have you ever been in traffic and wanted to do something productive like check your email or use voice recognition to reply to your emails or send voice text messages? Imagine having your own virtual personal assistant to screen your calls or use voice dialing on your cell phone. Imagine having a live personal assistant help you book flights or confirm appointments or dozens of other things to save you time and money. Well look no farther, because FDI Voice is here. This system will even allow you to reduce your cell phone bill. This service allows you to turn every phone that you use into your very own voice activated phone. This voice activated software requires no installation and is the best voice recognition you can find.

This is the next wave in personal communication. This is the best way to have online text to speech combined with a telephone answering service. This amazing voice activated phone system will dial calls, answer calls, screen calls, return calls, check voice mail return voice mail, check email, answer email, send text messages, read bible verses and more.

Imagine forwarding a voice mail message to all of your employees with your latest announcement up to 2500 people. Or how about sending a voice text message to the little league team letting them know the game was cancelled with one phone call. Well now your can! FDI Voice is making life easier with your voice activated dialer.


In addition to all the voice activated phone features, this personal communication system will call up to 5 separate locations to find you if you like, and even have a do not disturb feature if you do not want to be found. The call screening guarantees that you will never take another unwanted call again. Say bye-bye to telemarketers and bill collectors! You have FDI Voice.

Now that you have the latest in personal communication, you are saving more money than ever. No longer do you need an unlimited plan with your cellular company because your FDI Voice has FREE unlimited calls throughout the US and Canada. Now that you are using your voice activated dialing system, add your number to your favorites and cut that cell phone bill in half. This system pays for itself by saving you money every time you make a call. Get your FDI Voice working for you now.

With all the new cell phone laws banning driving while texting, this service is something that no one can afford to be without, legally. More than 500,000 accidents were caused by driving while texting last year. Drive safely and obey the cell phone laws in your state with your voice activated dialing system. See the impact of texting while driving from several different news sources all across the net and around the world. This has become a global problem and specifically amongst teens. FDI Voice is saving lives by helping people keep their hands on the wheel and not on their cell phone. Texting while driving is a major part of the cell phone laws that have already been passed in 22 states and some of which carry mandatory jail time while others have fines of over $140!

Another FREE feature from FDI Voice is a live virtual personal assistant. This virtual personal assistant service allows you to have 24/7 access to a live virtual assistant that is there to serve your needs from driving directions, to dinner reservations, from appointment confirmations, to flight and hotel arrangements and so much more. Imagine that you were 2 hours from the office and you just discovered that you have a last minute trip to take. Now all of a sudden, you need to find and book the cheapest flight out of town, reserve a car to rent, locate and book a hotel close to the airport, make reservations at the nearest 5 star restaurant with a window seat, and get directions from the hotel texted or emailed to you within the next hour. Now that sounds like a mouth full but with your very own virtual personal assistant, one phone call gets it all. 24 hours a day and 365 days a year your personal assistant makes life easier for you. Everyone should be treated like a VIP and now with FDI Voice, you will too.

FDI Voice is helping individuals and businesses free there time and add more hours to the day of the busiest people on the planet. See a 2 minute demo of this awesome system and get started with your very own voice activated phone with your virtual personal assistant for as little as $39.95 a month. FDI Voice is helping people save money, save time, and save precious lives. Find out more ways to make your life easier with FDI Voice Today.

Our team is actively looking to help individuals, organizations, and corporations improve the safety on our roads. We offer live demonstrations and educational workshops. Discover how you can help save more live with FDI Voice visit You can also contact Larry Lewis 443-341-0104.

About the Author: Dad, entrepreneur, and lifestyle coach. I am a full time lifestyle coach in network marketing and internet marketing. I help people discover freedom and self empowerment through home based business ownership.

or 443-341-0104


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Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students

Colleges offering admission to displaced New Orleans students
See the discussion page for instructions on adding schools to this list and for an alphabetically arranged listing of schools.Thursday, September 15, 2005

Enrollment dates for many schools have passed, and will be indicated next to the school’s entry under the by-state list. Update will take place in the next few days.Tuesday, September 6, 2005

Due to the damage by Hurricane Katrina and subsequent flooding, a number of colleges and universities in the New Orleans metropolitan area will not be able to hold classes for the fall 2005 semester. It is estimated that 75,000 to 100,000 students have been displaced. [1]. In response, institutions across the United States and Canada are offering late registration for displaced students so that their academic progress is not unduly delayed. Some are offering free or reduced admission to displaced students. At some universities, especially state universities, this offer is limited to residents of the area.

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Lobby groups oppose plans for EU copyright extension

Lobby groups oppose plans for EU copyright extension

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

People from all over Europe came to the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s party, which coincided with FOSDEM 2008.

The European Commission currently has proposals on the table to extend performers’ copyright terms. Described by Professor Martin Kretschmer as the “Beatles Extension Act”, the proposed measure would extend copyright from 50 to 95 years after recording. A vast number of classical tracks are at stake; the copyright on recordings from the fifties and early sixties is nearing its expiration date, after which it would normally enter the public domain or become ‘public property’. E.U. Commissioner for the Internal Market and Services Charlie McCreevy is proposing this extension, and if the other relevant Directorate Generales (Information Society, Consumers, Culture, Trade, Competition, etc.) agree with the proposal, it will be sent to the European Parliament.

Wikinews contacted Erik Josefsson, European Affairs Coordinator for the Electronic Frontier Foundation (E.F.F.), who invited us to Brussels, the heart of E.U. policy making, to discuss this new proposal and its implications. Expecting an office interview, we arrived to discover that the event was a party and meetup conveniently coinciding with FOSDEM 2008 (the Free and Open source Software Developers’ European Meeting). The meetup was in a sprawling city centre apartment festooned with E.F.F. flags and looked to be a party that would go on into the early hours of the morning with copious food and drink on tap. As more people showed up for the event it turned out that it was a truly international crowd, with guests from all over Europe.

Eddan Katz, the new International Affairs Director of the E.F.F., had come over from the U.S. to connect to the European E.F.F. network, and he gladly took part in our interview. Eddan Katz explained that the Electronic Frontier Foundation is “A non-profit organisation working to protect civil liberties and freedoms online. The E.F.F. has fought for information privacy rights online, in relation to both the government and companies who, with insufficient transparency, collect, aggregate and make abuse of information about individuals.” Another major focus of their advocacy is intellectual property, said Eddan: “The E.F.F. represents what would be the public interest, those parts of society that don’t have a concentration of power, that the private interests do have in terms of lobbying.”

Becky Hogge, Executive Director of the U.K.’s Open Rights Group (O.R.G.), joined our discussion as well. “The goals of the Open Rights Group are very simple: we speak up whenever we see civil, consumer or human rights being affected by the poor implementation or the poor regulation of new technologies,” Becky summarised. “In that sense, people call us -I mean the E.F.F. has been around, in internet years, since the beginning of time- but the Open Rights Group is often called the British E.F.F.

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Ba Apartments Rentals

Submitted by: Carlos Dumas

If you are looking for Buenos Aires apartments in Argentina, to rent temporarily, you have come to the right place. Often on vacation, people like to rent apartments for a relaxed holiday, instead of checking in public hotels.

With a wide array of Buenos Aires apartment accommodation enlisted with us, you can have your pick. Our full furnished apartments are luxurious, comfortable and within your budget. Designed for a temporary stay, the Buenos Aires Apartment rentals are well equipped with latest amenities, ensuring your comfort, in every manner.

Being most cost effective, yet offering an attractive and comfortable stay, Buenos Aires Vacations Rentals are a better alternative than hotel accommodations, which are very expensive for a short holiday. With a variety of exciting offers, most apartments in Argentina are a lucrative deal, where you want to enjoy most, at minimal cost.

If you are a peace-loving person, looking for serenity and a place to let down your hair, then the Buenos Aires Apartments in Argentina are the perfect haunts for you. Being cost effective, comfortable and elite in their own way, the Buenos Aires Apartment Accommodations are centrally located. With important tourist locations close by, the Apartment Rentals are a must have for small or large families, alike.


Located in the most appealing locations of Argentina, the Buenos Aires Apartments rentals are a home, away from home. With the comforts of a good maid and laundry services, gas, telephone, internet services etc, the Buenos Aires vacation rentals are the perfect getaway for a day, a week, or even months. The luxurious apartment accommodation comes with shimmering, blue swimming pools, exclusively for you and your family.

Most Buenos Aires vacation rentals are in peaceful areas with silent streets, to help you unwind and relax, on a complete holiday. Being close to historical monuments as well, the Buenos Aires apartment accommodations are just a walk away from the market where one can go for necessities.

Being responsible for your security, comfort and ultimate pleasure during your vacation, the Buenos Aires Apartment rentals are an easy, affordable and much sought after option.

Even if you are en executive on an important business assignment, our Buenos Aires apartments are comfortable and professional for your business meetings and conferences. With a professional ambience, our apartments offer you the vital official equipment, to meet your business needs.

Browse through the wide variety of Buenos Aires vacation rentals and book the one, which suits your lifestyle, holiday span, and budget. Have a holiday of your lifetime, today!!!

We provide all kind of facility at BA Apartment Rental like Buenos Aires vacation rentals, Apartment Rentals in the Argentina, and best affordable luxury holiday packages with complete facility, Best Location for hotel and apartments for couple, family and friends.

Offering you a blissful experience, where you can rejuvenate yourself completely, BA Apartment Rentals provide you the perfect getaway once in a while. Your search of finding a peaceful, furnished apartment rental, where worries cannot touch you, comfort is paramount and where your needs are met, ends with us at BA Apartment Rental. Whether it is simply a quick refreshing weekend you need or a mini vacation you have longed for, we are the best apartment rental company, providing you the most memorable stay. Our efficient, knowledgeable and co-operative apartment consultants shall understand your needs and provide you the most suitable lodgings, for a long or short-term stay.

For more information about BA Apartment Rentals please contact us to plan your holiday with us.

About the Author: For more information about Buenos Aires vacation rentals please visit


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Illegal drug found to be used in the manufacture of toys

Illegal drug found to be used in the manufacture of toys

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The banned beads come in sets.

Bindeez beads, a children’s toy from Australia and manufactured by Moose Enterprise in Hong Kong, is being pulled off toy store shelves in the United Kingdom after traces of an illegal drug, which is converted into gamma-Hydroxybutyric acid (GHB) when ingested, was found inside the toy. At least 20 million toys are affected.

So far at least three children from the U.K. and at least two from Auckland, New Zealand have fallen seriously ill and are currently receiving medical attention. The toy is also sold in the United States as Aqua Dots, with two reports received by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) of children needing hospitalization after ingesting the beads.

“We’ve asked all our customers to take them off the shelf while we retest everything to make sure the toys comply with all regulations,” said the company in a statement, although no mandatory recall has been issued for the product. The statement also says that the plant in Hong Kong was not using a chemical mixture approved by the company.

“This substitution was not at any time approved by Moose nor was Moose made aware of any substitution by the supplier,” added the statement.

The toys were supposed to contain a non-toxic chemical known as 1,5-pentanediol, but instead 1,4-butanediol, which is mainly used in creating the illegal drug GHB, was used in the toys. When humans consume 1,4-butanediol, the body converts it into GHB and could make the individual seriously ill, causing headaches, seizures, dizziness and in some cases death. GHB is a natural chemical found in a variety of things such as beef, wine and some varieties of citrus fruits. It is also used as a pharmaceutical which is sold as Xyrem.

Recent animal research indicates that drugs are available for human use which may work as antidotes to the poison, either by hindering its conversion to GHB with 4-methylpyrazole (fomepizole, Antizol) or by blocking GHB’s effectiveness at the receptor (SCH 50911). Rodent testing has found the lethal dose of 1,4-butanediol to range from 1.4 to 2.5 grams per kilogram body weight, but an antidote can increase the lethal dose by a factor of 10.

It is not known how the chemicals got mixed up, but officials for the toy company say that they are continuing the investigation. The toy is currently banned in all of Australia, but the company says all those who bought it will be refunded their money.

“The issue of how a dangerous substance was used in these beads and not the non-toxic substance … that is going to take us a few more days to uncover,” said Australia’s Fair Trade Minister, Linda Burney in a statement to the press.

The toy was recently named Australia’s number one toy for 2007.

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Explicit Canadian workplace safety ads pulled from TV due to Christmas season

Explicit Canadian workplace safety ads pulled from TV due to Christmas season
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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Controversial and explicit Canadian workplace safety ads have been pulled from television, and paper ads from some bus shelters for the Christmas season. However, the ads will return to air in January.

“It’s totally erroneous to suggest we’re pulling anything,” chairman of the Workplace Safety and Information Board of Ontario, Steve Mahoney said. “Our plan from Day 1 was to stop the ads around the middle of December when most of the advertising that’s in the media is focused on Christmas and purchasing gifts. We just didn’t want to be competing with all that stuff.”

In one of the TV ads a woman accidentally slips on grease on the floor and a large steaming pot falls onto her face, and she starts screaming to death. The ads end with the message “There really are no accidents”.

A paper ads shows a construction worker who is in a pool of blood with a forklift operation manual stuck in his chest. Another with a man who is slit by a “Danger” sign with his leg stuck in a machine. They show the messages: “Lack of training can kill” and the other “Ignoring safety procedures can kill”.

“The critics amount to about 25 per cent rating, and I’m delighted they’re upset about the ads because I wouldn’t want anyone to enjoy watching them.”

The videos have been viewed more than 70,000 times on the Board’s website and are gaining large amounts of views on YouTube.

The transit authorities of Hamilton and Mississauga will show modified advertisements. The transit authority of Guelph will show the ads in bus shelters, but the transit authority of Windsor will not because of the graphic nature.

“We’re not against workplace safety, but this is too graphic,” said Caroline Postma, chair of the Transit Windsor board.

Mississauga city councillour Carolyn Parrish said: “My son-in-law was telling me that they shouldn’t be on in prime time because when [my grandson] watches them he just about bursts into tear. Now he follows his mom around the kitchen to make sure she doesn’t spill grease. And he’s only four. There’s too much of a chance that … people are really badly affected by it, and can’t really do anything about it anyway.” She suggested the ads only be aired to workers with the jobs shown in the commercials.

Mahoney changed the earlier promise to air the ads only after 8:00pm to after 9:00pm at last nights meeting with Mississauga city council.

Mahoney said the commercials and paper ads are not “too graphic at all”. And they are “absolutely appropriate and they’re doing what they’re intended to do, they’re creating what I call a water cooler topic of conversation.”

Ninety-eight Canadian workers so far have been killed on the job this year.

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I Think My Boyfriend Wants To Break Up! Tips To Keep Him

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“I think my boyfriend wants to break up.” Oh no. If you’re saying this now you’re living your life on a tightrope. You likely worry every day whether it will happen. You’ll get that inevitable phone call you know is coming and he’ll tell you that he just can’t see you anymore. It breaks your heart just to think about it. If he has yet to tell you that he wants out of the relationship there is still time to change his mind. Even though he’s given you signals that he wants to break up, that doesn’t mean that’s what your future has to hold. You can change things now before he walks out of the door and your life forever.

When a woman is saying to herself, “I think my boyfriend wants to break up,” she’s generally relying on her inner instinct. We can always tell when the man we love is pulling away emotionally. He seems less there in many ways and he may even say things about how he’s not sure of what he wants. It’s expected and natural for you to feel panicked when this happens. Instead of taking a step back and thinking about what you need to do to change his mind, you’re probably just allowing your emotions to take control of you. This is the crucial mistake that many women make when they feel their relationship is falling apart. They get upset, they cry and they try and convince their boyfriend to stay. What typically happens is he becomes uncomfortable and bolts for the door. The relationship ends right then and there.


You have to be honest with yourself if you suspect your boyfriend is ready to leave. It’s easy to place the blame on what is happening on him because he’s the one walking out. However, his feelings have changed because something isn’t satisfying him within the relationship. Look at your own behavior and how you’ve been treating him. Consider whether he’s been feeling emotionally neglected by you or whether you two have been facing frequent conflicts. Once you identify what the problem is you can start to change it.

Talk to him in a calm and reasonable way. Let him know that you recognize that he’s not happy but you want to try and make it work. Don’t beg or plead with him. Just be mature and understanding. Listen to what he has to say and learn from it. His feelings have to be the most important thing right now. If your boyfriend sees that you genuinely want to work with him to get you two closer again he’s much more likely to give the relationship and you another chance.

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About Author:

Learn exactly what you need to be doing and saying to keep your boyfriend when he’s going to leave. Doing the wrong thing can mean the end of the relationship forever. Don’t give up on him if you believe he’s the man you are meant to be with. There are specific methods you can use that will make you irresistible to him again.  Author: Gillian Reynolds

Air Pacific re-brands as Fiji Airways

Air Pacific re-brands as Fiji Airways
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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Fiji Airways’ Suva office featuring the new branding

Fiji’s national airline Air Pacific has now officially returned to its original name: Fiji Airways. Fiji Airways adopted the Air Pacific name in 1971, slightly prior to its first international flight on June 3, 1973. The re-brand was described by interim CEO Aubrey Swift as allowing the airline to align itself “closer with Fiji as a destination”. The name change is designed in part to reduce the confusion which surrounded the name Air Pacific. Swift noted that “Air Pacific just didn’t resonate with our customers” and said that same people “thought we were an air conditioning company”.

The re-brand was celebrated with music and traditional style dancing at Victoria Parade.

Along with the name change, the airline has redesigned its website, and changed the name of each of its classes of service. Pacific Voyager and Tabua Class have been replaced with economy and business class respectively. The airline has also introduced plans to overhaul its fleet of older Boeing 747s with Airbus A330s. It has said that the completion of this overhaul and the re-branding efforts will be completed by the end of the year.

The airline’s new brand-mark and livery features a masi design created by Fijian artist, Makereta Matemosi. The new identity is to “symbolises the airline’s new identity and epitomises all that Fiji Airways represents. It is authentic, distinctive, and true to the airline’s Fijian roots”, the airline said.

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Wikinews interviews candidate for New York City mayor Vitaly Filipchenko

Wikinews interviews candidate for New York City mayor Vitaly Filipchenko
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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Vitaly Filipchenko. Image: Campaign to Elect Vitaly for NYC Mayor.

In early May, Wikinews extended an invitation to Vitaly Filipchenko, an independent candidate in the 2021 New York City mayoral election, set to take place November 2nd, alongside other candidates. Filipchenko answered some questions about his policies and campaign during a phone interview.

Filipchenko, registered on the New York City Campaign Finance Board as Vitaly A. Filipchenko, is the first Russian candidate for New York City mayor, being born in Tomsk, Siberia in 1973, according to news agency Sputnik. He has since naturalised as a United States citizen. According to the web site, Filipchenko has been educated in road construction and maintenance and owns a moving services company; he describes himself on his web site as a “small business owner”. On his web site’s platform page, he says that “[m]y English may not be perfect – but my platform is.”

Incumbent Democratic mayor Bill de Blasio, who won re-election in the 2017 New York City mayoral election by 66.5%, cannot run for a third term under term limits. As of April 28, 22 candidates are currently running, the majority of whom are also Democrats. Ahead of the June Democratic primary for New York City mayor, a poll conducted May 23 and 24 by WPIX and Emerson College of 12 Democratic candidates with a margin of error of 3.2 per cent has former commissioner for the New York City Department of Sanitation Kathryn Garcia and Borough President of Brooklyn Eric Adams leading with 21.1% and 20.1%, respectively.

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Wikinews Shorts: April 3, 2007

Wikinews Shorts: April 3, 2007
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A compilation of brief news reports for Tuesday, April 3, 2007.

FBI headquarters

On Monday, the United States said it sent an official inquiry to Iran via Swiss diplomats about a former FBI agent who went missing while in Iran on private business. He is believed to have gone missing several weeks ago on the island of Kish. The FBI say he has not worked for them in a decade nor is he a contractor for them. A US State Department spokesperson declined to give name, age or occupation of the missing man. The spokesperson also said that they have no indication that he is being held by any Iranian entity.


  • Sue Pleming. “U.S. says former FBI agent missing in Iran” — Reuters, April 2, 2007
  • Matthew Lee, AP. “Former FBI agent missing in Iran” — USA Today, April 2, 2007
  • “Former FBI agent reported missing in Iran” — CNN, April 2, 2007

Tokyo Stock Exchange

In early action, Asian and Oceanian markets rose while the markets pondered the impact of the United States-South Korea free trade agreement. In Japanese markets, Monday’s fears that the Institute for Supply Management‘s report would say manufacturing growth slowed more than forecast in March actually came true. However, “US markets turned out more stable than people feared yesterday and that prompted buying back of large-cap stocks,” said Yoshihisa Okamoto of Fuji Investment Management Co. in Tokyo.


  • “Asian markets push ahead” — Reuters, April 2,2007
  • Makiko Suzuki. “Japanese Stocks Advance; Matsushita, Mitsubishi UFJ Lead Gains” — Bloomberg L.P., April 3, 2007

A server (computer)

Gary McKinnon of Britain lost his appeal challenging an extradition order to face charges in the United States that he hacked into military and NASA computers there. “We do not find any grounds of appeal against the decision,” said one of the judges, Lord Justice Maurice Kay.In what has been called the “biggest military hack of all time,” McKinnon allegedly used the code-name Solo as he hacked into 97 computers and caused $700,000 worth of damage according to US prosecutors. In 2006, he told The Guardian that he was searching for evidence the Americans might have about UFOs.

Related news

  • “UK hacker faces extradition to US” — Wikinews, May 10, 2006


  • “British hacker loses U.S. extradition appeal” — Reuters, April 3, 2007
  • Mark Tran. “Briton loses extradition fight over US military hacking” — Guardian Unlimited, April 3, 2007

Environmental Protection Agency

The US Supreme Court ruled 5-4 that carbon dioxide should be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The majority opinion said that the EPA had offered “no reasoned explanation” for refusing to regulate carbon dioxide emissions from cars. Previously the EPA had argued that the 1970 Clean Air Act did not give it the powers to regulate green house gases because they were not deemed to be pollutants. Twelve states and several environmental groups jointly brought the case against the EPA, contending that it was failing in its legal duty to regulate environmental pollution by not regulating green house gas emissions.


  • Robert Barnes and Juliet Eilperin. “Supreme Court: EPA Can Regulate Car Emissions” — Washington Post Online, April 2, 2007
  • “US ‘must regulate car pollution'” — BBC News Online, April 2, 2007
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