Coupling Injuries: When Manhood Irritation Is Just The Start}

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Most men have heard a story about that one awful coupling session that led to much more than a few sore muscles and some manhood irritation. In fact, many men have dealt with various coupling-related injuries in their time. Though the worst of the worst are pretty rare (like the cringe-inducing broken member), there are some injuries a man might not consider until it is far too late. So as part of responsible member care, a man should know all the things that could go wrong and how to avoid those potentially painful intimate injuries.

The lowdown on coupling injuries

Though the aforementioned broken member is every mans nightmare, it is fortunately a very rare occurrence. These other injuries, however, are a bit more common.

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1.Bruised sacks. This is sometimes the result of over-zealous cowboy action, which usually ends up with enthusiastic pounding up and down and its not just manhood irritation that can result. The sacks can wind up sore, bruised and swollen. In most cases a little time and maybe some ice can help reduce them down to size, but for serious injuries, the sack might need to be drained and thats definitely not a fun situation.

2.Ripped skin. Yes, its enough to make any man cringe. This is why lube is a great thing. Both partners can suffer serious irritation, redness and even tearing of the skin if there isnt enough lube to keep things moving smoothly. For a guy, that might extend to torn skin on the sacks or the member, which can take some time to heal and might even invite infection.

3.Torn abs. A night of bliss is quite physical, and that exercise requires some serious core strength. But a night that gets too vigorous or a sudden move in the wrong direction can lead to torn abdominal muscles. This is nothing to sneeze at this is an injury that hurts bad enough to make a man see stars. To avoid this one, be very careful when trying out new positions that seem a little too athletic for even the most agile guy.

4.The classic hernia. When a man lifts something too heavy, doesnt lift properly, or otherwise strains the groin area, he can wind up with a hernia. Though some hernias arent painful, others are excruciating and a man has no idea which one he will get until the moment he gets it. To avoid hernias, avoid lifting up your partner. Maintaining a healthy weight can also help avoid hernias.

5.Heart attack. No, the old stories about heart attacks while in the sack are not myths. Think about it: Combine high levels of excitement and prolonged physical activity, then add in a dash of not-so-good cardiovascular health, and perhaps a lack of normal exercise, and there is serious trouble brewing. If things seem to be getting a little too intense, dial back a bit and know the signs of a heart attack. Dont hesitate to call for emergency help if any of those signs occur while getting frisky.

Though these injuries might sound scary, the good news is that they are relatively uncommon and likely wont happen. The most common coupling injury, by far, is manhood irritation and redness and that can be treated easily with a fantastic male organ health crme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Savvy guys will reach for a crme that contains vitamin C, known for aiding in elasticity of the skin, and vitamin D, which works to enhance cellular function. But the most important ingredient for the chafed member is Shea butter and vitamin E, both of which are proven to soothe and heal even the most delicate skin.

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